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  1. to be fair ravencraig only closed in 1992 so how do you expect Motherwell fans to have jobs to afford friday night travel :lol:
  2. ok skimmed through the thread but not noticed and answer too what is memebers of the rangers family? i do hope it registered supporters who are on the ticketing system. or those of us who not season ticket holders, are not members of supporeters clubs, but goto most home games will be fecked for buying shares in our club.
  3. i do remember Spew creaming himself on talksport with the 250 tickets figure, conveniently leaving out season ticket sales had been suspended at the time. Oh how 6 priests is hating the fact we are turning out in numbers with his constant mutterings about "just wait till after christmas and the novelty will ware off" I got news for the fecker we aint going nowhere and always will be the biggest club in the country!
  4. agree with you but i think Fleck was a busted flush. One of those players who as a kid was fantastic but never lived upto potential. I think even he knew it hence his decision to run when he would have gotten his chance of regular first team football.
  5. Queens park v Rangers October 21st
  6. on another note.. does anyone know how many complaints on a subject are required before it is passed above BBC scotland and handled by the national BBC? as this like normal will be just whitewashed up here but London will see the complaints trend very differently if they need to get involved constantly.
  7. not full highlights but goals http://www.veoh.com/watch/v1260492aMcpzHSm
  8. doesn't count if you liked it and willing participant over 16
  9. Backed?? we have played 5 league games of the season FFS! you have backed noone!! i could see a point if was near end of season or if we were losing every match but WE HAVE ONLY PLAYED 5 LEAGUE MATCHES and only 1 point behind leaders get a bloody grip!!
  10. today we cam blame 11 men behind ball, lack of space, astroturf pitch, etc, etc but with wind that strong why weren't we even trying anything from long range? How about something radical..instead of trying to pass the ball into the net we actually shoot.. has there been a new rule introduced that if ball not inside the penalty area we not allowed to shoot?
  11. only way to hit them is stop listening. It amazes me the amount of ordinary bears who still listen to radio snyde phone in and treat what said as gospel. We ourselves have got to take ownership and eductate the less educated amounst our support not to listen to these feckwits. Time to start preaching to them at work, pub, even at the game.
  12. TBH the SPL & Mhdia have carefully manipulated what wording has been published in the mainstream mhedia in scotland so that everyone struggling to know the real reasons. Hence why the SPL can contradict themselves so often and have so many conflicts of interest overlapping in this case, but still the mhedia juggernaut happily toes the party line that they want the casual observer all to follow that is "RANGERS = BAD and being found guilty is a mere formality" and the only option is title stripping. just like the £134 million debt is now read as fact when in fact it was actually only a £10million tax bill which lead to the administration. Unfortunately there is no journelists left in this country with morals and willing to ask the difficult questions or editor willing to actually print the real story. this whole thing has the typical taig style "distort something into a complete lie, then repeat the lie, repeat it again, repeat it again, and repeat until it treated as fact to the casual observer, add some more lies to the original lie and continue repeating until suddenly both become believed as truth"
  13. so according to SPL good ETB = not listed in accounts, not disclosing it, getting fined by taxman because of it and having to then also pay the tax on it + fine, then STILL dont declare it, but have YOUR CLUB's lawyers investigate if you done wrong on something they most likely also advised you on. bad ETB = declare on every years accounts, have a senile old cunt with axe to grind claim used wrongly even though he was not on board during times ETBs used, have biggest rivals lawyers investigate if anything done wrong. SPL corrupt to the core
  14. Ah so he was just a little helpful person that was telling some girl who visits the east end of glasgow regularly (DT's family from glasgow east end so i'm sure he & gf visits alot) that glasgow is dangerous. if you believe that pish i'm selling some magic beans that grow into money trees, i will sell to you for a bargain £200.
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