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  1. I know we are winning 2 nil but it's less than impressive
  2. I know that this is the last game of the season but you'd expect some sort of commitment. This is dire
  3. Every time worrall gets the balI i expect him to fuck it up. This passing along the box pish is criminal.
  4. Why not play Wallace, worrall is a bomb scare and Flanagan is shite. I don't get it I really don't ffs
  5. Shut up you fud, that's the least of our problems
  6. The sad thing is Flanagan is not a left back, countless fuck ups. Caught flat loads of times, cutting in making us lose our width. No use for Middleton who likes to go wide.
  7. What defender would try to clear the ball coming across him with the outside of his foot
  8. Agree totally, if Flanagan had cleared the ball instead of trying to be beckenbauer this would be a different score
  9. Worst performance I have seen in years. Trying to walk the ball into the fucking net. Embarrassing to say the least. We treated that like a friendly. How can we go to Spain and draw 2-2 with Virrareal and we cant beat Livingston
  10. Absolutely, might even treat myself to a pizza at work. I work with some jungle Jim's so i'll be striding into the canteen with the fuck you all look
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