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  1. The grey hordes wont give him the time required. Considering that team needs gutted, he'd need over a season plus money to burn. They say the will, but they won't. Look at the knick of them after Ross County. First bump and they'll be screaming for Keane in 'ra sellick man, knows wit its aw aboot' etc
  2. They lost the plot over that other kid, Islam Feruz. Cue equal amounts of rage when the young Dembele leaves
  3. Make or break for TLB today. He has to go for it. We'll Be Ready
  4. That's my uncle singing that. He passed away a few months back. Another reason I hope the guys can hammer this mob today 👍
  5. Watching their highlights. How much of a horrible wee bastard is Christie. Can't wait to rub the wee cunts face in our glory.
  6. They've rolled out the head ned to try and get the hordes onside
  7. Just heard Roy Keane been mentioned 😂 😂 😂
  8. That could finish him. 2-1 was disappointing but he could explain it away. 4 is a riddy. Majority of that team have chucked it.
  9. Hes not that type of player remember
  10. Browns reaction to the penalty was strange. No complaints. Just swaggered back like a mongo
  11. I want the bigot there when we win 55
  12. Spot on mate. He steadies himself, then fucking charges into the back of the boy. Cleans him out.
  13. Did they not offer him it before? Or was he just linked with it? He disny play ra sellick way, so its a non starter
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