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  1. wonderful show, thanks to all involved. Great to hear from Mark Walters looking forward reading his autobiography - Wingin' It
  2. Partick Thistle should be hammered for poor security.
  3. Fuck tactics, it is all about desire. Win every tackle fight for the Victory. ??
  4. Any win will do, I just really enjoy laughing at Scott MacDonald. Not sure why he pisses me off so much. I would go as far to say that I almost hate him ?
  5. As always our support will show generosity and a humanitarian attitude. Take soap.
  6. He is Deid. That emotion is only 5 years old ? FTP Battle Fever
  7. Juse enjoying playing the tunes and this has always been my favourite
  8. Surprised I had to scroll this far before I found this ?
  9. Think the change in formation and tactics played a big part of the performance and result today. I am so happy tonight.
  10. Begging? Where in the managers interview did he mention that the players begged for two days off. Think the manager may just have been trying to get a point across.
  11. Costing us very little, he is on an EBT. Extra Back Therapy. ????
  12. It's turgid to watch, however, I still think they should take time to appoint the right manager. We need to plan for the long term and not appoint a short term solution. Not sure why ? Walter can't assist Murty until an appointment can be made. It is difficult though and the despair I feel watching this pish is overwhelming.
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