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  1. Yeah mines was shite this week also, emailed them and they said no one was reporting issues so it must have just been me xD
  2. My bug bare is they don't have the score displayed during the game but stream is always pretty decent
  3. Surely that should have been "Our Club" :/
  4. Most of them are on twitter claiming to know hee haw about it which is a bit strange
  5. Sorry bud, damn eyepad made me disapprove your post
  6. I seen this floating about on twitter a couple of weeks ago and had a chuckle
  7. Wasn't it Durrant that was there at the same time?
  8. You could wear this http://www.itiswhatitis.co.uk/view/funny-t-shirts/cctv-in-operation/172
  9. The licence on the bottom of a computer/laptop are non transferable so you would be breaking TOS anyway so just buy a retail version or download a shifty copy
  10. I would recommend the PMDG 747-8I/F thats fecking awesome
  11. You've got 100 gig of free memory Back to the OP just buy a bigger drive and use Acronis True Image to clone your old drive to the new one(it will automagically extend your partitions to use the full drive) unplug the old and power her up
  12. Yeah that was a fuckin laugh and a half that one
  13. He won't be flying anywhere, its Giro day
  14. This is a good one been having a little fun on it although I changed the budgets LOL! ---------------Shagger Gunter - Fernandes - Toprak - Sandro ------Davis - Rodwell - Witsel Wiess--------------------Etherington --------------Lukula
  15. I'm devastated, after being put out of the CL Final the season before I thought this would have been my year so made sure everyone was tied up long term for another crack to see if we could get the cup this time, so season 15/16 started off like any other, brought in some young talent with an eye on the future until AJ started accepting offers for my first team Taufic Guarch 17.25m Alex Sandro 11m Sergio 9m Bebe 15m Dirty bastard just ripped the guts out ma team and to top it off, the fans are blaming me pahahaha
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