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  1. What I have noticed that this seems to have made the usual nutters even more so, there are some who actually seem like they are having breakdowns in front of us!!
  2. How badly will that effect you moneywise mate, I reckon I would be about £500 a month worse off if it happens to me?
  3. sometimes you wish you weren't but in this case sadly I expect I am!
  4. Don't wish to be rude mate, but the bit in bold could be the true meaning of "hope over experience" the chance that the club will do anything to help the fans is fanciful at best!
  5. Thing is without knowing what is happening to this season or when or how long next season will be, how the fuck do they sort out prices?
  6. I know everyone was pissed last night but surely someone else picked up on the above???
  7. working from home as all flights down south stopped, but we have guys on the sites at battersea and they are mobbed the power station job has about 3000 blokes on it!!
  8. Fuck me that's a lot of glasses, so ATM I think you are winning!!
  9. I'm not to fussed either way about sassa's big announcement, but it does bother me quite a lot that he always refers to himself in the third person!!
  10. Please tell me that's not a half and half scarf you have got on, if so I'm rooting for the virus 😂
  11. Just a thought, but would they still let teams train as if not even when they decided to start the games again it could take the players a few weeks to get back to full match fitness?
  12. Even if this is not called off, is there anyone except for @BigChiefwho won't go to the game?
  13. Fuck me that's possibly the most mental thing I have read on here, and was here during the cricket ground time!!
  14. So what your saying is that we have rules, he broke one of them but as he is the best player we let him off and play him, that sets a good example to everyone else!!
  15. Which one is that, is it in Eastbourne?
  16. So just to make sure I've got this correct you are saying sell barasic and get someone better? Fuck me the lunatics really have taken over!!
  17. I'm going to hazard a guess I won't be able to sell my ST for this one then??
  18. Just out of curiosity do you have a word of the day calendar, and is the word above today's one ? As you have used it about 4 times in different posts already today!
  19. thing is Helen St and crossloan road can't be classed as residental, not until you get passed where the tall cranes is so it's just to be a pain rather than any actual reason!
  20. Available tomorrow by all accounts!
  21. Very true, he does have to go on a gamblers addiction course as well!
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