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  1. Looks like only one person didn't read the post properly!!
  2. You are obviously not a fan of the royals which is your choice, but the thing that worries me is that you don't seem to grasp the importance of the issue here, to say it is just a mans funeral is quite baffling and another sad reflection of a once proud Scottish education system!
  3. Just out of curiosity weren't you having a go at someone on the previous page about them being rude to a bear?
  4. Yep and then they will say it is the Rangers fans fault for what happened a couple of weeks ago!
  5. I bet our last home game is Rd 37 making the trophy presentation a midweek!
  6. I see that the penultimate game of the season s a midweek, what's the betting they make that our last home game and present the trophy then?
  7. Does this mean they will try to shut down the vendors around the ground on match days, the one across from the main stand is massive and sells all sorts!
  8. See regardless of how long the restrictions have been in place or that they are only young lads, it is all immaterial, they are part of the first team squad not youths, they need to be able to keep to the rules age is no excuse, they would have seen what happened to Edmunson and jones and yet they still thought it was a good idea, nobody with any sense can or should try to justify what they have done, and if baffles me that people are!
  9. It's amazing there has been 3 games cancelled this season in the SPFL all at Livi and considering it's an all weather pitch the have been called off for frozen pitch, water logged pitch and now snow, should rename them no weather pitches!
  10. And even if it's not, the so far down on the pro top, is about half inch
  11. Well that's it they have sacked Lampard, quite mental really!
  12. Well without spoiling to much for you, it was some bird and Neil McCann
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