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  1. Horrible, hope the boy pulls through heartbreaking seeing his Mrs there
  2. Jim's post is genuinely the weirdest comment I've read on here, No competition even tho the mickey bastards have out spent us and every other team for going on 12/13 year
  3. Tav plays arguably his best season in a Rangers top, captain of the team and ppl want him shifted up the park for a young boy to take his position FS Roll on pre season friendlies
  4. With the attitude he has for life I feel he will be a success for us. Nice to hear them talk about the fans and actually saying good things. Welcome to the greatest club you will ever play for big man
  5. Hopefully we see a Scottish team next year with an English manager
  6. Aye then second half they just cancelled each other out, not the worst final but as a neutral I would rather two different countries in it.
  7. It was like watching a premier game, hate it when the CL ends up two teams from the same country always tight games with few chances to talk about, thought Kante done his job as per and stopped City from flowing with the ball, overall Chelsea were the better team on the night.
  8. Talbot are a better team than Kilmarnock Hopefully they don't get back up until they have a grass pitch imo
  9. Have they re-used the old gamesmaster graphics ffs
  10. Was expecting couple more 180's there, big Jose will need to make it up for me
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