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  1. It was your fault he posted them ..should be shouldering some of the blame Imo
  2. I can’t look at any pic that’s been posted since, without thinking that could be jobby
  3. Not anymore, they’ve probably disintegrated state they were in
  4. Round about the time ppl were cutting about with fruit of the loom jumpers
  5. Ask @Dan Deacon for the pic he has it stored in his wank bank imo
  6. I had beef, Yorkshire’s, Mash, peas, turnip apple crumble, ice cream no pics for obvious reasons
  7. Think I need to up my stakes today called it imo
  8. My predictions have been no too bad today so I’m gonna say an Aberdeen 94th min equaliser Cosgrove imo
  9. I’m no one to say I told you so but....
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