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  1. Angeball be lucky to make the top six ooooft. We aren't even playing well, I'm pretty sure we will pick up, not sure if that scum team have it in them.
  2. Any positive from today was them dropping 3 points, 1st half to 2nd half was night and day today, some of the football in the first half was good to watch Davis absolutely ran that first half, but we really need to up our finishing tho, we should have these games won by HT. Feels like a defeat as we could have opened the gap a bit more, got to put that 2nd half performance behind us now and move on.
  3. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Kamara Lundstram Arfield Wright Roofe Aribo
  4. He definitely needs a run of games, If we are judging on a game to game basis he was our best midfielder on Thursday night so should start. Won't be popular on here as most posters make their mind up within 3 appearances and can't except they were wrong about anything football related. I'll save judgement on him until the full team actually up their game and get anywhere near the levels we have seen for the majority of last season.
  5. Only real Scottish fans from West of Scotland are allowed in imo
  6. Looked out our depths last night, although McGregor didn't have a lot to do and had no chance with either goal, Their possession play outclassed ours, we seemed to panic on the ball. Miss placed passes were annoying as fuck. ppl saying Lundstram can't defend because of the goal, he actually tried to show him down the line, what any defender would do tbh, thought he had a decent game tbf. We have found our level imo, a half decent Europa League team, this team would have to go above and beyond to reach any latter stages QF/ SF and we are miles off that.
  7. Aye some cost to the club £10 at most Maybe BillyG can pull someone out the UB at HT to help clean it off
  8. Fancy a tight game 0-0 all the way to 85 mins, UB getting behind the lads and raising their game for the last 5, roaring a Connor Goldson late header for a 1-0 victory Mon the Teddy Bears!
  9. People losing their shit over a tag on a bus Think a can of paint remover costs a tenner at most.... Wgaf? They never panned the fucking windows ffs you would think someone was battered embarrassing for the club, aye a bet they are really bothered. any excuse to slag your own in this forum as usual.
  10. 1st game at Ibrox McCoist v Clydebank,( 1980's) penalty, Robert Fleck scored a hat trick and McCoist scored a double, one being an overhead kick. 5-0 Good day was had by all imo
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