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  1. Think the post a recent picture of yourself is in the OT mate wrong thread. Ffs @RFC55 low blow here all the best with your recovery bud
  2. Unlucky with that header, keeper thought it was in
  3. Surely you are supporting the Rangers boys in the Scotland squad
  4. Ooft fuck that, I'll read this thread on the lavvy in the morning
  5. This could fuck me up for tmoro if Morelos is playing, planning to go in early and get things done before 2 could be knocked on the head if I stay up any team news?
  6. Holland looked fairly average against Scotland imo, I know it was just a friendly Ukraine topped their group with Portugal in it, no mean feat
  7. Same, my mate phoned for a lift with a pool table for his man cave thought aye probably a shite game just do it now. Oh well had Austria both to score and win double with Ukraine hopefully bit more of the same coming up
  8. This I live in England and as much as my support for the Scottish football team has diminished, I've probably still watched every game they have played since about 1986 and would have been aware of it, the tranny army have definitely booed Rangers players tho, Ryan Jack at Pittodrie most recently. I can understand why Rangers fans are disillusioned with the National team, each to there own, me personally will still support them because my mates down here would give me stick regardless. Will probably have a wee lump in my throat when Flower of Scotland belts out tbh it's
  9. Horrible, hope the boy pulls through heartbreaking seeing his Mrs there
  10. Jim's post is genuinely the weirdest comment I've read on here, No competition even tho the mickey bastards have out spent us and every other team for going on 12/13 year
  11. Tav plays arguably his best season in a Rangers top, captain of the team and ppl want him shifted up the park for a young boy to take his position FS Roll on pre season friendlies
  12. With the attitude he has for life I feel he will be a success for us. Nice to hear them talk about the fans and actually saying good things. Welcome to the greatest club you will ever play for big man
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