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  1. it's a good debate tbh, I think Goram just edges it on staunch points, Chris Woods was also a top class keeper btw, iirc Goram was the first ever £1M goalkeeper
  2. Scratch my last comment because Aspinall has no chance of beating De Sousa on that form
  3. Correct although Clayton still had the most 180s so keeps mine going, Wright last night done my treble for £300, Anderson hammered him on the 180’s
  4. Ffs can I get a shot of one of the many crystal balls in this thread please?
  5. My laptops fucked I’ll just swap between games
  6. Wee £2 treble for a bit of interest
  7. Dunno whether to watch the darts or Bayern v PSG...
  8. Club is only 9 year old mate testimonials are 10 year
  9. mvg should have had the 2 100+ check out
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