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  1. Anyone looking for a refreshment before the game can go along to the Blue Star social club which is opened at 11am with the Pride of Govan playing loyalist music.
  2. Any supporter wishing an early drink the Blue Star social club is open at 11am with the Govan Protestant Boys playing , all supporters will be made welcome.
  3. Hopefully we get back on track we have a lot of games coming up, and I feel we need to secure second place before the last game lets get positive and go for a good victory , come on the gers.
  4. But ally said we've not got a scouting system in place ?how can we get new players, oh wait the new manager and his staff actually look out for players who can do a job for our team not practice karaoke for after games entertainment
  5. No No No any player who bets against his own team should never ever play for that team again. Little fuck of a man who has never given anything to Rangers since the day he singed still remember the wee shite shouting at the Rangers supporters at clyde and have hated him since then.
  6. Hopefully spiers can bring through boys as good as the ones at Queens Park
  7. Is McColl another manager who plays players out of position . Cant we get a manager who will play a right back at right back instead of playing a center half there instead of dropping that fuck wit mcculloch. Please bring in someone who will get this man out of our club he is the worst captain ever in the history of Rangers yet he plays every week when fit .
  8. Brilliant banner, hopefully we will see it displayed at all home games.
  9. One thing we should all remember always is all catholics will vote or support a fellow catholic while us Protestants don't ffs even a group of us Protestants voted for independence
  10. Hopefully wingers playing as wingers and getting good crosses to 2 men playing up front instead of the pish one up and one playing behind, getting all their fitness levels up and with some confidence playing to a higher tempo
  11. Yes Yes Yes get him and everyone of his pals to f--- .
  12. Colin's first game was against Arbroath away and he scored a hat trick.
  13. Each and every one of these players and all members of our management should be put out the door as soon as possible. Shambles utter shambles .
  14. Brilliant player for us signed up.
  15. Give him and his pals one years notice tell them to leave now and advertise the job and I think we would all be surprised by the people who would want to manage the famous Glasgow Rangers. Then with the backing of full houses again get about teams and win this league which with a manager who knows what he is doing is not beyond us yet but any more time with mccoist then I think we are f-----
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