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  1. I think the Govan East would make more sense
  2. What's the point of us having the first choice Scotland keepers at u16,u17 and u20s if we are just going buy in bang average keepers in their 30s from the spfl. Have Kelly push Bell for his place.
  3. The new pioneers painting will be removed from public view today. My own opinion is that McCoist deserves his painting on the top landing but certainly not one where he is wearing the managers attire
  4. Guys on a modest wage compared to other 'stars' Model pro for the youth players to work alongside.
  5. I see that Stv grant on Twitter was saying If their was a £1m levy (which the SPFl had hoped for) then celtic would have received £134k of it. Seems we would have been the unofficial SPFL sponsor.
  6. What's the problem? I have a Rangers supporting mate who voted 'yes' and votes for the SNP. I don't follow his logic but I'm not upset that he favours a different political party.
  7. How anyone can be upset over fellow fans political beliefs is beyond me.
  8. The issue is completely irrelevant to most of us and seems to only exist to those who like to be offended. This issue sees young men serving porridge for singing songs. It is completely ridiculous. The celtic side have pretty much managed to get the word 'Fenian' tagged as a sectarian slur. I think some fans see this as an opportunity to do the same with the term 'h**' As mad as it seems the only way this will be resolved is if Celtic and Rangers come together with the authorites and come up with a definitive list of terms and songs that are unacceptable.
  9. Spot on, faux offendness from both sides but I back the RSTs calls for a level playing field.
  10. Would rather some other club pays for Mr chopras habits.
  11. What do you base your view of him being the biggest legend on? His playing career and/or his total service to the club? Just interested as guys our age didnt see him in his heyday.
  12. Being born in 1989, Walter Smith is IMO the biggest Rangers legend. If we had won the uefa cup in 08' or 10IAR the answer would have been unanimous.
  13. You have to wonder how many games Ally and Kenny went to. Our approach always seemed to be 'we are Rangers, we will beat anycunt'
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