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  1. What’s the total number we’re been allowed in on Saturday btw just out of interest?
  2. Trying to get a ticket for this on the link above, let’s ye put it on your basket then doesn’t let ye checkout
  3. Terrible take. You don’t need to play our result down to big up the other. Both great performances/team efforts that get a result against a much favoured and more talented opposition.
  4. Just because he’s better than both options there doesn’t mean I think he’s England level. Merely pointing out the picks they have in a major tournament IMO aren’t as good or better than him.
  5. Based on what then haha?
  6. So what? John O’Shea was winning premier leagues every second or so season. Being part of a good team or playing in a good league doesn’t automatically make you a good player. I’ll flip It to you, could you see either of them being able to do for us what Tav does?
  7. Kyle Walker is shite. There’s no way him or tripper are better than Tav.
  8. Not even a household name in his own house, my good the gift that keeps on giving 😂😂
  9. Puma tops are fuckin shite. Just look like cheap crap, glad we’ve seen the back of them.
  10. Where did you get the champions flags mate?
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