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  1. This still in the Rangers ticket section? How is the OP getting away with it
  2. Yip, I think we’ll back them as we always do. But if we go a goal down etc and they aren’t playing to the needed standard I think it could get very heated, akin to Hamilton at home March last year.
  3. Eh well aye that’s kinda how it works. As a result of his antics, we now give momentum to others and it breeds negativity around the club on what was already a shit show of a day. That’s before we even get to the pressure it creates now for GVB. The constant narrative now that he’s inherited a squad who don’t have hunger etc.
  4. Ach that’s that fucked then. I don’t want to sound dead dramatic cause I know sometimes in the heat of the moment in the day/days after defeat things go extreme but I genuinely don’t think, nor want to see him in a Rangers shirt again after yesterdays debacle.
  5. Ok well on that note play Simpson. I don’t care if he’s shite. Goldson is scrubbed. He doesn’t want to be here so he shouldn’t be playing. It’s insulting to the fans and I don’t see a way back for him.
  6. I don’t doubt for one second the majority of the squad are also guilty of this but it’s ironic he’s calling it out when he’s easy the biggest culprit. That’s before you even get onto his game was done comments. Never a Rangers player.
  7. Let’s be honest he’s no taking any of them. Why would he? He’s shopping in a market now that he can spend 30 million plus on a player. Looking at it objectively Kent and Kamara are about the only ones who could go down there and you’d think aye they’ll do it and the latter has been pish all season.
  8. Tav and Goldson getting criticism quite rightly but I’d add Barisic to the list of guys that require a permanent place on the bench for a good while. His performances of late have been rotten and yesterday was the worst of them all. He has the heart of a mouse at times. Give Bassey a good run rather than 2-3 games here and there and then dropping out again.
  9. Honestly, I’d play someone like Leon King. I don’t care how big Thursday is when it comes to this matter. His attitude yesterday should see him finished. It’s a matter of principal. What message does it send to the fans and everyone else if he’s allowed to just keep his place in the side and kill the clock down until he gets his clearly desired move away from here?
  10. Should see him finished here until he goes to some run of the mill shite in the Championship. Sadly I’m doubtful that’ll be the case.
  11. They were a shambles and thank fuck it’s only the one game they’ve had to be in there. To be honest though that’s the least of my worries concerning us just now.
  12. So bad it was literally laughable that attempt. I actually laughed. It’s scary this is the standard of player we are firing on to turn around games for us.
  13. Aye I don’t disagree. It’s one thing to be having a bad game, it’s another to just completely Chuck it. The mental thing is we’ll play some shite like Livingston soon enough he’ll get an assist and people will be like that’s your captain, that’s what he brings etc etc. Sadly you need to do it when it matters as Rangers captain.
  14. I’ve never been in the bash Tav camp but people have struggled to ever come back from the sort of performance he’s put in today
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