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  1. Hamburg Derby on tonight on BT sport for anyone interested.
  2. Hopefully as it’s the last 16 and not massive amount of teams to pull out, it’s done and dusted straight away. I hate tuning into these draws and it doesn’t actually start until 3/4 of an hour later due to the amount of fucking about they do.
  3. I swear no bears better ruin golden air time by phoning up.
  4. I can’t remember a game that was just wild in terms of moments and teams taking the lead then losing said lead etc. I think the 2-1 game at Parkhead (Katic winner) is the only one I can remember in the past few years that has made me feel like last night did. Braga at home could be up there but that was an amazing comeback in a short space of time after being second best until then, last night was just up and down constantly. Still buzzing.
  5. Important for the clubs finances and rep but even as a supporter it’s essential. When you think back to your favourite ever Rangers games, a large amount of them will be European nights of the past.
  6. Where did you get the champions flags mate?
  7. KyleBJK

    Ryan Kent

    He needs time out the side. No player should be undroppable. Really frustrating. Him and Aribo are posted missing for weeks now.
  8. Merry Christmas bears, let’s hope for 3 points tomorrow and for 55 in May.
  9. We’ve seen this movie all too many times before sadly. Horrendous if we somehow manage to royally fuck this up from where we were.
  10. KyleBJK


    See the Uber staunch crew that think tonights result isn’t an embarrassment and talk about the bigger picture and perspective, I’ve heard all that shite for the past 3 seasons now. They’re bottlers and until the can get a trophy in that cabinet it’ll always hang over them.
  11. Why do you like Everton mate? That’s not digging you out for doing so or that btw just curious as most people who like to see an English team do well it’s normally one of the traditionally big guns like Man Utd, Liverpool Chelsea.
  12. Ferguson the first time. Can remember just thinking to myself as a youngster “why would he do that to us?” I remember feeling gutted when Kevin Thomson left too. That summer there was talk of him being captain when Weir would depart then he’s suddenly away to fuckin Middlesbrough for 2 million. It’s not a feeling I’ve missed as normally in recent years we’ve welcomed the departures. I reckon if Tav or Kent had to go in the next couple of windows I would be gutted.
  13. Was fuming last night but glad I held off from posting anything here and on twitter cause it would’ve been daft criticism that was rash in the heat of dropping points in that manner. big picture RSC. We slipped up against a real gold side and still look really likely to go through. Happy to sit back and cut them slack after the past couple of months work.
  14. Disagree. These are the games ye want them to win as they have zero effect on Rangers and would buy Lennon some time and breathing space, even for a short while.
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