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  1. Watching The Americans on Amazon, few eps in and really enjoying it so far.
  2. Great servant of the club and seems like a real good guy. Welcome back as a guest anytime etc. Would probably just stop short of calling him a legend though.
  3. Can’t underestimate how much we need to use no fans to our advantage. In the past 2 seasons with the allocations being cut it’s no surprise bar 2 games the home team has came out on top. certain refs will do everything they can To ensure they get their way however with a baying crowd of they cunts not there that might fade a little. theres no reason why we shouldn’t be going there with our chests out, as mentioned already in the thread we’ve beaten better in the past week.
  4. Four four two, NME and Q depending who was the feature/cover.
  5. Few episodes into the Fall and it’s prettt decent although I don’t know how they’ve managed to drag out 3 seasons of it with the storyline it has.
  6. It’s brutal man. Some amount of fuckin about just to make some UEFA prick in a suit feel important. Just open the baws and get on with it
  7. Got IDLES tickets for May at the barras next year. Sold out 3 nights. Should be good.
  8. It’s brutal mate. Look at yesterday for instance, Hagis goal was all through Kent’s brilliant wide work but he won’t get that assist because of the scramble after it hit the bar. Basically shows why stats aren’t what defines a player.
  9. Seen some of their fans have been calling Lennon “Lurgan Plopp”, this meltdown is amazing.
  10. It is mate. It’s mental. A like how it’s the opposite of the typical cheesy American group of friends comedy, they’re all out to shaft each other at any opportunity that arises haha.
  11. Already trying to contain the inevitable anger when I check the line up at 2pm and see Jack-Kamara-Arfield
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