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  1. Will be interesting to see what the players have taken from an extended amount of training this week. McAllister said we done more work on 11 v 11 and working the spaces so be good to see this benefit us today.
  2. Seeing the potential stricter lockdown rules will this even go ahead now I wonder.. Hagi in anyways..the wee man is on fire the now.
  3. Yeah as much as I hate giving them any credit they did a good job of closing us down starting at their forward line, something that we have been very effective at doing this season. Our forwards were quite isolated so not going to be too harsh on them although our constant giving possession away was infuriating.
  4. True, did he not say in an interview that he liked the training with the Greek International team because they sometimes let him play as a defender or midfielder which he prefers to Goalkeeping? Mental.
  5. Haha he reminds me of the guy at 5s who purposely lets in goals to get back outfield.
  6. Just watched the highlights of Hamilton v Motherwell, don't think I've seen a worse performance from a goalkeeper than the boy Chapman for Motherwell, hopefully he'll be between the sticks when we go to them..so so bad.
  7. Hopefully his injury he picked up yesterday is nothing serious, massive player for us.
  8. Believe it or not this wasn't my effort, one of my mates knocked it up in about half an hour 😂
  9. He's the best keeper in the country by a mile and that is why. What a fucking save.
  10. Fucking brilliant. On a wee side note has anyone seen Beale in the dugout? Noticed he was missing the other day and haven't seen him today?
  11. I'm discovering parts of my wee flat that I never knew existed. #paceloyal
  12. Was wondering this myself. Wonder if we could all get a surprise tomorrow with him included in the team? His work rate would be most welcome!
  13. Yeah it's on the BBC live page, Gerrard says he's had a scan and waiting for a few opinions on it. They have one opinion so far and he'll be out for at least a few weeks.
  14. Gerrard confirms he'll be out for a few weeks at least. Horrible time in the season for this to happen.
  15. Maybe but after his comments you wouldn't be surprised if he was moaning about something.
  16. Goodwin going straight to the ref there, he really is the bitter of bitter cunts.
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