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  1. Need to remember Hamilton playing for survival, wasn't going to be an easy game. Still think we'll win but have to be patient here.
  2. Clive Tyldesley is clueless. Not bothered if he doesn't come back. On yersel Tom.
  3. Did that big lump of wood Curtis Main get cited for his lunge on Borna at Pittodrie?! The whole process is so inconsistent it's laughable.
  4. I still came on to check every 10 minutes rather than go on follow follow. Rangers Media Loyal.
  5. Extremely sore looking challenge and hope the St Johnstone boy is alright but I would be very surprised (or not) if this one was cited.
  6. Yeah agree with what's being said here, you have an opinion that goes against the grain on Follow Follow and you get a ban. It's pathetic. RM is the place to be.
  7. Are the Assasins Creed games any good and are they similar to The Witcher? Couldn't get into the Witcher at all, so not wanting to waste time with Assasins Creed if it's similar..
  8. Absolutely. The league, in my opinion is now done. We have a good bit of room to focus on the Europa league and I certainly think we are more than capable of going a stage or two further than last season
  9. Their implosion has been staggering, never seen this coming at all tbh.
  10. Just posted on his IG..looking pretty pleased with that result the day...
  11. The thought of our lads lifting that trophy almost makes me want to greet. It's happening. Fucking buzzing.
  12. Once again, we fail to get a level playing field. Fucking joke.
  13. We really need the fans back ASAP so we don't need to hear Crockers freakish heavy breathin during the games.
  14. Bit off topic but mind watching a stream for the 8-0 game against Hamilton and for some reason mid way through the first half it switched to the Hamilton TV coverage. What a time to be alive that was 😂. In all seriousness though, Hivs should be hammered for this.
  15. On sportsound fuck all mate. Was surprised they actually showed it on sportscene.
  16. Both pundits said it was a red but neither were calling out for the compliance officer. That was already done multiple times on sportsound earlier by Richard Gordon, Michael Stewart etc..
  17. You'll see it on sportscene the now if you go on the iplayer, they discuss that after the Morelos incident. McGregor knew what he was doing, a red card for sure.
  18. Aye funnily enough on the main BBC sports page it makes no mention of the red card incident in the headline, it's only when you go into the scottish football section it states it on the headline there.
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