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  1. Defo no reason to panic. However, a good time to talk about our flaws. Danny Wilson being one and the fact we have been needing another striker since day 1..many disagreed when we were pumping shitty teams by 4-5 goals but it's so glaringly obvious we need someone else up there who can put the ball in the net.

    Still, we did play some good stuff in the second half and really should of been a couple of goals to the good. If that's the best opposition we will play this season, I am not worried.

  2. a Warburton v Lennon title race would be superb. no doubt the bigot would be snarling at refs every week, playing the victim card in the papers and making a general arse of himself while Warburton would be handling it with class and professionalism

    Defo mate, Warburton and Lennon are worlds apart in conducting themselves. The magic man would make him look ridiculous.

  3. Tuesday against Livi he was on another planet and today it seemed to carry on. Shadow of the player he has been for us. Hope to god he can get his form back as he is such a massive player for us.

  4. I'm not one to scream like mad at the TV but Livingston's dirty tactics last night really got to me. So frustrating given the fact we were trying to play Football when all they were bothered about was snapping us and performing moves on our players that the Undertaker would be proud of.

    At least one of their players should of been sent off and how he can defend the ref is beyond me, given how obvious the fouls were his performance was pathetic.

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