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  1. For the European games, will they just email me to ask if I want to pay for my seat prior to the public sale? That's what used to happen.
  2. Not read any previous, just back from pub. How come Gerrard hasn't realised that Patterson is Twice the player Tav is, defensively AND offensively? I love Arfield but he needed replaced early doors. Their keeper had not one single fucking save to make. Still think we'll overturn things
  3. When Thumb scored those free kicks against Hart, the press & the Tartan Trannies were waxing lyrical about him. I remember 70 year old me was thinking, "Fuck sake, even I could score against Joe Hart, he's pish"
  4. Sorry for the delay, had a busy weekend. Due to essential maintenance, Virgin Money not letting me compete money transfers right now. How do I organise Season Fund membership?
  5. My young brother, who was a mad Shagger, went out with her a couple of times in the early 70's. It was around Lent time & she was listing the things she was giving up. He said, "I'm chucking you for Lent, ya Fenian bastard". I'm pretty sure he had his blue hair at the time too 😂
  6. It wasn't even a good shit-show 😂
  7. I know several non-MyGers members who got tickets. Sadly, I was not one of them 😭
  8. Hope we don't draw Flora so I can say, "Can't believe it's not Flora"
  9. Im sure Duffy scored in his first couple of games 😂😂
  10. They're certainly no bad at diving. Kane AND Sterling.
  11. Is Denmark not a good Proddy country? 🤔
  12. The wee faggot fluffed a decent chance earlier & it trundled towards Schmeichel. Commentator described it as, "And Raheem Sterling pulls the trigger" 😂
  13. He's ALWAYS been shite 😂
  14. Told you. Pickford is shite.
  15. That stupid-looking bastard Pickford is due a howler. He's pish.
  16. That Olazabal would be better sticking to the golf.
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