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  1. The bulk of that fanbase is still in shared denial. It's inconceivable to them that we are a threat, that can challenge for the title. Clowns like that tool on SSB sum up the delusion. I'm quite happy to let them live in that delusion and not take us seriously. It will make it all the sweeter if we take the title this season.
  2. Clubs won't but that's the problem. They'll just happily let this group run the game off a cliff. Probably still be applauding them too on the way down.
  3. Yeah mate they only tried to get additional powers to be able to end the season as they seen fit without a club vote. The sheep/taig debacle showed they didn't have anything in place for breaches. I'm sure as well it was only recently the 3-0 forfeit came into play I doubt very much null and void was on the discussion table.
  4. They don't even try to hide intentions anymore in this setup. Just think back to all the lines about how null and void wasn't possible/discussed, sponsors, tv deals, revenues etc. Now if by magic it's become viable. Has all the issues before suddenly just vanished.
  5. Winners definitely have the easier route in mate.
  6. Once again why the fuck wasn't this discussed and agreed on before a ball was kicked. That clown organisation isn't fit for purpose and every club that voted against investigation should hang thier heads in shame. It makes the blood boil that null and void is now on the table. When all the doom merchants told us why it wasn't possible last season. An out if a certain club continues dropping points.
  7. Looking forward to seeing him play. He's got a lot of work ahead ofhim to break into the midfield.
  8. Killie away will be a hard game as usual on that shite pitch, but winning would be massive for us. As you said it's a different game playing catch up. That taig squad have never been in that position before. They always got a let off due to our inconsistency. We keep the pressure firmly on and recent signs have showing they won't cope well.
  9. It's hard one to call as we need to see how players fitness holds out over the season for some. Right now I'd keep McGregor and Balogun. Davis and Defoe I don't think have another season in them. If they don't I'd offer coaching roles.
  10. Just imagine the scenes if the sheep somehow pull off an upset this weekend lol. If they do win let them use that distraction. Just need to get on with our job and beat killie this weekend.
  11. Same they would hound him out for not playing the scum way.
  12. I think their board would go for Clarke. But not one I thought the hordes would be that keen on considering the football Clarke plays. He'll fit right in with that lot but and their victim mentality. Still remember him taking shots at our support then completely ignoring when boyd got sectarian abuse from the scum.
  13. Remember a lot of them despised Strachan even when they were winning because he wasn't one of them. The taig minded names that would take it are either past it like o'neill or never had it like Lambert. I'd be quite happy to see them go down that route.
  14. Great Post mate 👍 I was 10 years old when our 10iar ended. It was devastating as I grew up in an era in which i didn't know anything but rangers winning. However we got our payback and then some the season after by winning the title at the chamber of horrors. Winning 55 this season might very well be the sweetest title we've ever lifted. After everything we've went through since 2012. It would be the ultimate revenge against them who lead the charge and tried to finish us. Just imagine our celebrations and the utter meltdown they would be going through. This curren
  15. An ex taig makes sense if Lennon gets the boot. Knowing that delusional lot they'll want a pochettino 🤣. This is the same support that thought Mourinho would take the job lol.
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