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  1. Yep it was always a joke or just banter/gamesmanship according to the media when brown did it. Now it's classic taig hypocrisy. It's ok when they do it but it's not allowed when they are on the receiving end. I'm just enjoying that's what brown has been reduced too. Crying to jackson about how big bad rangers took the piss out of him.
  2. Same 11 as before. 2-0 win on that monstrosity of a pitch. Then onto Saturday and Party time.
  3. This is priceless . The so called midfield hardman that lived for goading us when we were struggling. Reduced to crying to the record and begging the ref to book morelos for taking the piss out of him during the game lol Him and the rest of the scum need to learn a simple lesson. Don't dish out what you can't take back.
  4. McGregor. The saves he's made this season have been absolutely incredible. A great goalkeeper is worth 10-15 points a season.
  5. Well we can't say he didn't half provide us some laughs Duffy 😂😂
  6. Something to look forward to seeing once it's all completed..
  7. I think it's between Davis and Goldson All 4 but could easily deserve it.
  8. Happy to give defoe another year. He can still give goals and the advice he can give to our strikers is priceless..
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