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  1. It was hilarious watching them crack up last season. First it was the games in hand they clung to and then expecting a post Christmas collapse, yet it was them again dropping points everywhere lol. This stuff about supporters being back in the ground. Imagine what their players example Barkas are going to be like when they have the scum support giving them abuse 🤣
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if they made an approach should Postecoglou be sacked. Their attempt to copy what we did with Gerrard. Sure He's a scum supporter as well so that will get him over with the hordes.
  3. Thought the same mate but then Brentford were daft enough to buy that donkey Ajer with a year left. When he's sold it will be undisclosed fee for sure.
  4. Good headache to have. I think we'll see the same 11 as yesterday start. No need for an extra midfielder in this one. We'll boss possession and know livingston will just sit deep and try to make things difficult.
  5. 3 match ban for Kamara and 4 match ban for Roofe. Balogun is also out 1 match ban.
  6. I think management will start the players likely starting midweek. Get them competitive minutes. I can see Kamara coming on a sub and then starting the next league game vs Dundee United.
  7. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barasic Lundstrum Davis Wright Hagi Kent Sakala Can't wait for the weekend. 4-0 win Sakala, Kent Tav and Hagi.
  8. They are deluded mate. It's completely beyond them that we have progressed and become a better side than them. Hope they do keep writing us off and trying to convince themselves it was a one off.
  9. Been a good laugh on social media seeing scum support desperately clinging to a real Madrid B team narrative, while trying to ignore west ham just pumped them lol. After watching yesterday you can bet they are shitting bricks for the upcoming season.
  10. I think he'll be benefitting big time now he's got a full pre-season under his belt with us.
  11. Great performance and we look more than ready to start our season next week.
  12. For any lurkers kicking about. Are you scared yet
  13. This has been outstanding stuff. Bring on the league and the qualifiers we are ready.
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