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  1. Pre lockdown the form wasn't there to turn it around. We were struggling badly just to win games. However we'll never know what would have happened if the season continued after lockdown. Games would have kicked off a few months later and form could easily change. Now just need to keep winning and secure the title on the pitch. Then we can consign that lots full tainted run to history.
  2. I'd have liked the chance at least to see how we would have done if the season was completed. The way scum fc acted during the whole thing was a disgrace. Lennon out right after lockdown demanding the title and the celebrations afterwards. Past now. This season we just need to keep winning games and do 55 on the pitch. Let that lot tear themselves apart.
  3. I'd like a crack at arsenal. Genuinely think we could beat them.
  4. "Shite wee Falkirk player" Arfield has got more drive and heart than their sqaud put together.
  5. I think right now any team should be fancying chances against them and their backline.
  6. Paranoid doesn't even come close to describing that lot. Actually believing a covid conspiracy to stop them ­čĄú
  7. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barasic Arfield Kamara Aribo Roofe Morelos Kent 3-0 win.
  8. Yep we can't be messing about in the league games, even against weakened teams. Start strong and if we've got a healthy lead, use the 5 subs to effect to give players more rest if needed.
  9. He's already alienated his sqaud. All the public backing and trying to build them up ain't going to change that. The way they are defending right now any team must really fancy their chances. Hope St Johnstone go after them on Sunday.
  10. Poor first half but came right into 2nd half. Keeper kept them in it could have been 5-6. Team showed it's character tonight. Went down and came back to win. Mentality success is built on.
  11. Last 32 here we come. That's the kind of character and mentality we want to see. Started poor but got the job done. Manager deserves credit for changing to 4-4-2 at half time.
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