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  1. He can be a good pundit but he's really digging now to try and defend his mate ole. He keeps going with Mourinho and van gaal didn't work out as an excuse, when asked about getting a better manager in with a proven record. He won't admit it publicly but he knows full well Ole is not good enough. If a Zidane or Conte took over now the results would improve immediately.
  2. Yep he should have been sacked a long time ago. That's on their owners. If your genuinely a top club you want a top level manager. Especially when your going up against klopp, pep and Tuchel. He's also got cheerleaders in the press like Neville, Ferdinand and creepy Scholes that refuse to blame him because he's their mate. We seen before how quickly they went after Mourinho.
  3. No manager could survive this. Ole is a manager completely out of his depth. He should resign after this.
  4. Take a shot for everybody that says thank fuck. See how long you last mate
  5. Big 3 points especially after that start. Game mostly to remember for 100 goal Alfie
  6. Glad Balogun was able to make it. Don't agree with swapping keepers again. Team more than strong enough to get a result.
  7. Repulsive as well he's still allowed to be playing. Only in this country can a player be caught doing what he did and the media leap to his defence. He deserves every bit of what he's getting.
  8. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun(Please be fit) Barasic Lundstram Kamara Aribo Hagi Morelos Roofe. 2-0 Morelos and Roofe
  9. Just heading home from the game. Much more like it from us tonight. Some cracking play especially in the first half. Only concern is Balogun going off. If that's a serious one we're in trouble.
  10. Same. Seen 1st half hearts and 2nd half hibs what we are capable of playing like. Need to get more clinical up front, chances we've been missing are criminal.
  11. Don't think conte goes near it the now. Although money talks to be fair. I think they'll be looking for a stop gap manager. Someone that can keep them up and then be replaced in the summer when they do total clearout of the sqaud
  12. Just further proof the incompetents that run our game. Hopefully this is the end game for doncaster and Co. Fully expecting some spin but blaming us again.
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