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  1. Wtf are you talking about? In fact It doesn't matter, I don't want to converse with you, I don't like you.
  2. Should be a laugh considering the queues at 20 to 3 to get in today, need to leave the pub 3 hours before it opens.
  3. Absolutely brutal again, get him to fuck, he's shite.
  4. Edinburgers should see the end of the OPs mod duties imo.
  5. I had my second jab 4 weeks after my first, I just went to the vaccination centre at the gorbals and told them I'd phoned and they told me to come here, nurse said that's fine as long as there is at least 3 weeks between jabs, whole thing is a fucking shambles
  6. Yaaaaassss I'm on the vaccinated side, just sitting in a trench for a few months until the flat earthers all snuff it from covid then enjoy the spoils of victory without a shot fired.
  7. Goal was all on Kent for me, cracking finish tbh, Lundstram poor but Kent is getting away with murder on here.
  8. Screen shot will be absolutely fine.
  9. Yes I'll make it m8, managed to stay out of the madness, couple of beers heading home.
  10. Away from what happened on the park there were quite a lot of tickets available outside the ground today.
  11. Every cunt going tonto here, glad myself and @Monkey Butler have our QR codes, daughter's don't have theirs yet but that's life imo
  12. @sibsy72 has sorted me again for Saturday, some boy, although on top of the praise he's still a fanny but I'll admit I now genuinely owe him.
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