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  1. Aye good player , wasn’t even a regular at the time to
  2. Same mate , he’s never going to put a run of games together either , wouldn’t be to concerned if we offloaded him in the summer , big wages anaw I’ve heard
  3. Always thought Barisic was soft as shite before but apart from the very odd occasion he’s been far more stronger and robust this season 👍🏻👌🏻
  4. Clinging on to an old mans passing to try deflect the hurt caused by 55 is fucking low even by their standards
  5. Same faces at wrestlemania every year, sick of it
  6. Mind advocaat played him sweeper Monaco away , worked a treat
  7. van Hooijdonk save at ibrox still the best I’ve seen
  8. I’ll go for a pint with ye at the Aberdeen game mate 👍🏻😂
  9. Club are handing them tickets without any cccs ballot and their not hospitality
  10. I know of people , I don’t blame them I blame the club especially if it keeps happening going forward when people are now paying to be in a loyalty scheme
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