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  1. Mind I said you’d see the benefits of MYGers on the park and not a cunt listened
  2. The fact there’s nae sponsor means as long as we’re castore it’s relevant 👍🏻👌🏻
  3. If true that’s a fair whack we knocked back for the buff , obviously we didn’t need to sell
  4. Can we not just keep a player and enjoy what he brings on the pitch sometimes instead of constantly wondering what they’ll go for , it’s a real problem amongst the support imo
  5. Cross was world class , couple of belters first half anaw
  6. Looks cracking in that pic, £68 😂, thats a months wages in retro strip time 😂
  7. Me and my da on the Gerrard celebrating then Goldson running to the fans footage , a mate videoed his tv and sent me it after the game , one of my prize possessions 👌🏻👏🏻
  8. Unfortunately us not being there is suiting the team to, we can think it silently no need for RTV to bring it up every 2 minutes in the matchday coverage though 😂
  9. Cedrick


    Lucky escape not going to Lille , watched their game expecting them to tow Celtic , they were honking Lille
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