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  1. Saw some of the second half , they’re fucking honking
  2. We’ll beat football teams all day , some of our results have actually been ridiculous the calibre of team we’ve beat, if the hairy arsed cunts in the SPL turn it into their game we struggle and Gerrard’s never addressed it
  3. Midfield 3 were excellent tonight , playing a football team though and that’s never been a problem , it’s when teams mix it we struggle
  4. Nonsense he’s not in the minute he’s fit for me
  5. Mind that mad European league there was talk of years ago , the top 4 from the weaker leagues , Holland Portugal Belgium etc , we’d romp that
  6. hopefully this puts the goalie nonsense to bed, greegs is number 1
  7. Fuck all wrong with that Glen Kamara, he’s got the tools just doesn’t do it anywhere enough whether it’s him or Gerrard
  8. Only Rangers player I can say I hated edit Bruno Alves was a close second
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