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  1. More bears first time back atmosphere should be class again , before the game and first half a hour was brilliant yesterday, I had something in my eye when we came out to simply the best honest 😂😂
  2. Club just tweeted tickets available today , interesting to see how many going to be in today and tomorrow, can’t see it being the original 8500 and 12500
  3. Wish you’d knocked this season ticket back anaw
  4. Sandy Jardine rear section 1 still available bears for Madrid
  5. If I’ve went through aw this and Duffy izny playing the SLO will hear me tell ye that for nothing
  6. That shouldn’t be happening anymore mate it should went back into the ballot for the people that’s paid good money to join the loyalty scheme to get another chance
  7. While we’re aw in a state of rage 😂every bear to a man/woman should demand every pence back of the league games we miss anaw when others are there , my baws a stream is the same
  8. Exactly the same way it’s always been mate
  9. Why they not just sending the box tickers entry codes with the successful email mate 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. How the fuck is people having to sit for 45 minutes to log In and try get a ticket they ticked a box 2 months ago saying they wanted and the club have emailed them they have
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