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  1. 23 Fouls they have committed versus 8 by Aberdeen. Madness.
  2. I see beating a lower league side 3-0 is now classed as a thrashing by the BBC 🤣
  3. Bossed the 2nd half. Loved seeing Hagi getting stuck in again, just what we needed and he immediately turned that game around. Solid defensively too. I do quite like how direct Bassey is and for a big lad has a good touch and a bit of pace. Sakala really is fucking rapid! Can't wait to see him play in an open game as he will run clean through for fun if we pick the right pass. Morelos bagging a goal will give him a wee boost too.
  4. Gerrard needs to get tore in to these cunts for that 2nd half. Thank fuck for Livi.
  5. That drum in these circumstances just comes across as some annoying, ominous, Jumanji like death rumble.
  6. Roofe ineffective 2nd half so far too. Madness how this half contrasts to the first.
  7. Not much he could do to be fair. He saves us more times than he should need to.
  8. Aribo doing my box in. In acres of space and just dribbles in to the first man. Just square it!
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