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  1. Griffiths been released apparently. His brother posted a now deleted tweet about his contract not getting renewed, leaving them with (I think) only that fat swiss guy up front
  2. Might not be very staunch of me but I wouldn't mind burying myself in Erin's fenian valley
  3. Yeah I could off worded that better, by 'celtic fan favourite' I ment they were all talking about how great he was and how he was robbed of MOTY just because they were sickened that Gerrard got it
  4. You know for a team desperately looking for a manager its seems strange how quickly they have forgotten last weeks flavour of the month and highly rated celtic fan favourite Callum Davidson. Funny that.
  5. I felt the same.... for about 10 seconds, then I remembered every jibe and insult those fucking stinking cunts have thrown at us over the last few years and think nice guy or not, anyone connected to those wankers deserves every bit of karma and humiliation coming their way. Just put the fat prick down as collateral damage.
  6. Some nice rumours floating around about him this morning, apparently his Asian coaching licenses aren't recognised by uefa so he might have to play second fiddle to Kennedy until he does a new course, and if he eventually does sigh then he won't even get to meet the team for over a week because he'll have to self isolate for 10 days when he arrives!
  7. I have never known a MOTY award to cause so much gnashing of teeth, Davidson is going to end up in the celtic hall of fame at this rate
  8. Ntcham contact terminated apparently. From football insider right enough so not the best source
  9. celtic conceded more goals at Ibrox this season than we did. Incredible
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