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  1. 😂 you couldn't make it up, well I suppose you could , we all knew they would try to pull something out the bag for this one.
  2. Early as possible, they are going to be fucked no matter what, even better going there with them knowing the game is meaningless as far as the title goes , then we go out with no pressure and skelp them senseless.
  3. That works no problem here
  4. Aye I've put my head on the block there, seriously, they are looking to revamp the merchandise dept , but they have to employ the right guys , my son is only at the application stage , there are loads of guys out there with the talent and ideas to produce the exact items we are all looking for, we see it ourselves on various sites, the club have to start looking at these folk and harness their talent and love for the club . At least they are looking at this.
  5. The club are in the process of upgrading the graphic design department at the moment with this all in mind. I know because my son is a graphic designer and has been working on Rangers related merchandise designs that the club have been missing out on. He has applied to the clubs vacancy for this , hopefully this is in line with what the fans have been wanting regarding merchandise.
  6. This def feels bigger , I was there 1975, but because of what we have gone through to get to this point makes this bigger. The outpouring of emotions will be massive. I don't think the enormity of it all will really sink in till it's finally over the line.
  7. 1975 Easter Road was emotional, the size of support we took there was phenomenal. Turnstiles just couldn't cope and myself amongst hundreds of others were lifted up over the wall to get in to make it for kick off , had never seen anything like the before or since. The video clip posted brought it all flooding back , amazing. Now a new generation of young fans will be able to enjoy those moments , just a real pity that it won't be in the ground, but they should still soak up the moments when it does come because I know this older bear will be .
  8. September 1977 v the manky mob at Ibrox down 2-0 at half time , Derek Parlane off injured and Derek Johnstone moved from centre half to centre forward , won the match 3-2
  9. John Greig was injured when we won the league in 1975, and happened to stop their attempt at 10 , came on in the last few minutes of the game at Easter road to be on the pitch when we won it. Hopefully Tav isn't out for long but a coincidence.....
  10. Without getting involved with oldco newco thing ,the thing that strikes me is that when things changed within the club how much information is available to the current board about the things that happened within the club before they took over , how much paperwork, files , etc were or are available to them to find out what we did , what we didn't do , what we can do. The only people that know what happened or didn't happen were the ones employed at that time who were privy to that information. There are allegations, there are stories , the police were informed but no record of it apparently. H
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