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  1. Yep, I should've looked closer when I posted it , I was looking for a photo of John Greig on the chariot ,couldn't see one but saw that photo and didn't look hard enough, although whoever belongs to that photo has def got it wrong with the description .
  2. Just noticed that Gordon Smith and Davie Cooper are in this photo, so def not season 1974/75 as stated on the photo, Internet has a lot to answer for.
  3. Surely the souvenir special is a complete story of the season so as we still have a game to play and the trophy lifting celebrations I wouldn't imaging these being sent out until the full season story is told. I am not expecting mine to come until after tomorrow's celebrations .
  4. The dark side are not that far away from Fergusons family, his boy supports them and Fergusons old man helped to run a scum supporters bus from Neptune St in Govan
  5. He left cos we had a far superior striker in Colin Stein , no comparison .
  6. I got one for my son, it was delivered a minute ago , no text or email, looks great
  7. 😂 you couldn't make it up, well I suppose you could , we all knew they would try to pull something out the bag for this one.
  8. Early as possible, they are going to be fucked no matter what, even better going there with them knowing the game is meaningless as far as the title goes , then we go out with no pressure and skelp them senseless.
  9. That works no problem here
  10. Aye I've put my head on the block there, seriously, they are looking to revamp the merchandise dept , but they have to employ the right guys , my son is only at the application stage , there are loads of guys out there with the talent and ideas to produce the exact items we are all looking for, we see it ourselves on various sites, the club have to start looking at these folk and harness their talent and love for the club . At least they are looking at this.
  11. The club are in the process of upgrading the graphic design department at the moment with this all in mind. I know because my son is a graphic designer and has been working on Rangers related merchandise designs that the club have been missing out on. He has applied to the clubs vacancy for this , hopefully this is in line with what the fans have been wanting regarding merchandise.
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