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60gb ps3


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i sold my ps3 yesterday for 200 with 8 games and a earpiece, i gave it to my manager on the cheap just glad i got rid of the thing it was gathering dust. 360 loyal :)

was that a 60gb ps3?

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Im buying one finally :D

cant wait to play my ps2 classics

When's it out?

bought a used one

they dont make em no more.

£210 i paid

good price i thinks

You putting a bigger hard drive in it?

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im 360 loyal but its doin ma tits in recently :@ cracked my cod4 on both sides then scratched fifa :@ so i think i might end up selling the games and buying a ps3 no going threw that again with the bastard toaster revving like a corsa wae a burnt oot clutch :@

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I cant stand playing the old games anyway, the graphics make me shudder. As much as I liked the games back then, just cant play most of them :( Games like getaway and GTA which I thought were fantastic I cant look at on the ps3, although I could probably play crash bandicoot again, loved that game :P

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