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Chris Burke


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I can already guess the answer to this but does anyone know if when we let Chris Burke move to Cardiff on a free if we insisted on getting a percentage on any future fee they got for him?

Players like him, Charlie Adam (although I know we got a fee for him) and Ross McCormack were clearly thought of as good enough players to be at Ibrox until the age they were at, so clearly although they may not have fulfilled their potential here the coaches at the club spotted potential in them that it would not have been surprising that they may fulfil that potential elsewhere at which point we could have reaped some sort of financial benefit with such a clause.

Though then again those in charge of financial aspects relating to our club are a bit suspect at best so maybe to them such an idea has never occurred.

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Letting McCormack go was fucking criminal. We're crying out for a player like him just now. But, as he wasnt quite ready and we were desperate for any cash or saving possible, instead of giving him a seasons loan to see what he could do with regular football, we just got rid of him.

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