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Free money from William Hills


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As some of you will know, I follow the NHL. For those that don't know, there are 2 conferences(East and West), they play 82 games in the regular season then the top 8 teams go into the playoffs blah blah blah...

This season the Washington Capitals ran away with the Eastern Conference and won it by the end of March. So I was on William Hills site looking at Ice Hockey bets when I noticed that you could still bet on the Eastern Conference winner. Since the Caps had already won it, I found this a bit strange. I opened up the live chat feature and asked the women if their conference bets were for the regular season and not the conference play offs.

She confirmed it was a regular season bet so I jumped at the chance of some free money. I put on £70(it was all I could afford at the time :( :( :( ) for the Caps to win the East(when they had already won it) doh

This was on April 3rd and today the idiots finally paid out the bet that had already won(although I had to chase them up to pay it). £70 > £157.50, thanking you very much :beer1:

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Ladbrokes has the same bet on but when I asked them they told me it included the play offs(although it isn't advertised on Ladbrokes).

So someone made a big mistake at Hills cos their odds were the exact same as Ladbrokes.

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Something similiar happened to my mate at the weekend. He walked into the bookies with 10mins played in the chelsea game. He stuck £10 on villa, then decided to check chelsea's odds. They gave him 9/2 on screen, he put £20 on them. He went in yesterday and they had realised their mistake but after 30mins on the phone they gave him his £110 :lol:

Aw and well done mate (tu)

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I had a good one last week when I put on a double with Inter to beat Moscow and Barca minus a goal to beat Arsenal.

Just a £3 double to add an interest to watching the game.

What I didn't realise was that the Inter game kicked off early and the match was already an hour gone, with Inter leading 1-0 and Moscow down to 10 men.

I thought my double would become a single when I went back to collect, but they paid out the double.

Only for washers I know, but it is the little things you can sometimes get the most pleasure out of!!

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