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New Team - Good Or Bad For Four In A Row?


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Our loan signings have left, Weiss, Healy, Diouf and Bartley.

Some of the team who finished the season are likely to leave.

McGregor - Possibly leave

Whittaker - Wants to Leave

Papac - Staying

Weir - Not clear if he wants to stay or has another year in him

Bougherra - Wants to Leave

Davis - in contract talks

Edu - Blackburn interested

Naismith - Staying

Wylde -Staying

Jelavic - Hopefully staying

Lafferty -Staying

I think we'll lose at least four of the eleven above.

Q. Is a brand New Team Good or Bad for four in a row and who would you bring in?

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Can only be gd, the team would become very stale IMO if nothing changed. We won the spl by 1point for 3 in a row and I've no doubt lemon will be able to strengthen his current sqaud.

However we need to keep key players.


If we lose bougie,edu,weir we need to fill the gap plus beef out the sqaud with freebies

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I think we have shown over the past 3 years how important it is to keep a squad together. Everyone gets on well with each other and know each other's game inside out. To break the core of that up will make Ally McCoist's task even harder.

Anyone who wants to leave can leave. If we can keep McGregor, Davis, Naismith, Jelavic and build the team around them with a few quality signings as well as the players who are already here (Papac, Lafferty, Ness, Wylde, Edu, McCulloch) we won't be far away.

One thing is for sure, we need at least 6 players to give it a real go on all fronts next season. Ideally that would include a RB, 2 CB's, LB, LW, ST.

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We need to keep the vast majority of our squad, team blend and morale are a huge prt of why we have 3IAR with limited funds. If we can add more quality and depth to what we have, I would be extremely confident of winning the league again.

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I doubt the first XI will be weaker, but the squad might be

Could feasibly see us starting the season with a team of:


Foster Cuellar Bartley Papac

Naismith Davis McCulloch Wylde

Lafferty Jelavic

Do you think we'll buy him ? Or have you forgotten he's not a Rangers player anymore ?

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Whittaker Cuellar Bartley Wallace

Naismith Davis McCulloch Lafferty

Goodwillie Jelavic

I won't mind that to start with and if we make the CL Group Stages then maybe We can get in 2 first teamers, central mid and left mid. (Weiss & Another)

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