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Jorge Claros and Jerry Bengston


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In todays Daily Star along with the report from a Honduran source.

A representative of the directive is in Scotland motagüense negotiating the transfer of players Jorge Claros Jerry Bengtson and the Glasgow Rangers of that European country.

The leader of the "Eagles" will meet in the next few hours with the Scottish club leaders, to seek to reach an agreement and that in 2012 both players to travel to Europe.

A representative from Motagua in Scotland is negotiating the transfer of football players Jerry Bengtson Jorge Claros and European football.

For Clear, from 2010 is claimed by the Rangers, while Bengtson has the technical approval of the final purchase would have authorized.

It is expected that in the coming days of the transaction, and blue that the leadership hopes to resolve the situation before year-end to meet their absences.

With the arrival of Alfredo Mejia would solve the problem in midfield, but would fail to hire an attacker to fill the square Bengtson.

Managers say they have fixed motagüenses a good standard Mexican striker, in case the Honduran striker finally left the Rangers. Motagua play today against Platense in Puerto Cortes, on a day that will be marked by the presentation of Mejia.


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CELTIC'S move for Honduras ace Jorge Claros has stalled after he was dramatically SHOT in the head.

Emilio Izaguirre's international team-mate and close friend cheated death in the horror gun attack.

Claros, 25, was blasted in the head and shoulder as raiders tried to steal his car.

Amazingly, the bullet only grazed his head and his terrified wife rushed him to hospital as the attackers fled.

Honduras national team doctor Oscar Benitez was among the medics who treated him.

The midfielder's injuries are not life-threatening and docs believe he could play again early next season.

Claros came to Celts' attention after Izaguirre's sparkling start to life in Scotland.

He has been on boss Neil Lennon's radar for weeks — but a move has now been put on the backburner.

The star, who plays for Izaguirre's old club Motagua, was attacked in a petrol station at 7.20am yesterday.

He was in the car with his wife and a friend and rushed two kilometres to the nearest hospital. Motagua director Pedro Atala last night confirmed that Claros is recovering satisfactorily.

Atala said: "Thanks to God, Jorge is doing well.

"This is an everyday occurrence that players in our country have been targeted by thieves. Unfortunately he will miss the kick-off of the season.

"These aggressive attacks have to stop."


Celtic transfer target Jorge Claros is recovering from gunshot wounds to the head after surviving a terrifying car-jacking incident in his native Honduras.

The midfielder from Motagua, known in his homeland as The Pitbull, has become a potential summer recruit for Neil Lennon following international team-mate Emilio Izaguirre's stunning debut season at Parkhead.

But Claros, 25, is simply lucky to be alive, never mind pondering his next career move, after he was attacked by thieves while sitting in his car in a petrol station with his terrified wife and her friend.

Media bulletins from the capital Tegucigalpa claimed the two women were unhurt during the attempted theft of the car, while Claros suffered what was descr ibed as gunshot grazing to the head.

Remarkably, he was able to drive himself to hospital after the ordeal. One report stated: 'Dr Oscar Benitez, who has been treating Claros, said on Wednesday that the player's wounds were not lifethreatening.

He received gunshot grazing to the head but could recover within three weeks.'

Celtic's global scouting network had identified the combative midfielder, who has 28 caps, as a serious candidate for Parkhead, with the player's international experience including appearances at the Olympics in 2008.

But whether the incident affects any potential move to Scotland remains to be seen.

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Reports in Honduras state Rangers are talking to Motagua FC about possible moves for striker Jerry Bengtson and midfielder Jorge Claros.

Motagua president Javier Atala said: “We have a representative in Scotland trying to close negotiations and we will know more in the coming days.”

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in the record it says we arent interested in these 2 players..... who to believe ?

Tbh I have a policy of not believing the Record, as it tends to be guessing-game bullshit until they finally get it right.That said, any other paper is unlikely to be much more reliable.

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