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Legal action by RFC


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If the SPL pass the changes described/proposed in the other thread(s) can RFC not challenge the fact that they are changing the rules AFTER we entered administration and insist that the rules at that time can only apply to us and not new rules applied retrospectively. I think the changes only apply to liquidation though and would not apply if we manage a CVA - is this correct?

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Make no mistake about it.

This is a "Rangers only" set of rules being thumped out here.

They are covering themselves in the event of liquidation and a newco being set up.

It's a case of...

"We need you to get us our TV deal, so please come back"

"We need you to fill our stadiums, so please come back"

But, "We wont be letting you compete, or take your rightful money allocation"

"Is that ok with you Rangers?"

I would gamble, that if, in a couple of years time, someone like DUFC or Hibs etc.. find themselves in a similar situation there will be a whole new set of rules trotted out.

Parasitical wankers. :wanker:

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Well surely, as a member club, we will get a vote on this. Now I don't know if it will be an all or nothing vote, I.e. will there be a vote on each resolution, or vote on all being accepted. Cos I think hearts would vote against the one about players being paid on time, as it's a direct dig at them, & it will still need a 11 - 1 majority to go through.

But anyway, would Sky want to spend money on a league that has already been decided at the start of each season .........

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