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Football - our focus


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Think it's worth remembering that football is our main focus now and has been since we got granted the SFA membership in late July. Whyte and the BBC have done a good job stirring up trouble today, probably causing old debates to be revisited and put bad memories back in the head.

But the only thing for us to really be concerned about is Saturday when we return to the football and try to get some form going. A whole set of new people are running us now off the park and working on several ways for us to prosper, right now for us it's about backing the team and the manager (whatever doubts there may be about him).

Don't let any of them get us down!

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Exactly,all this trash is to prevent the share issue from going ahead. It also deflects any attention away from the ticking time bomb that is the SPL. It is illegal for any director from the previous regime to be involved,hmrc would have a field day. Green had delivered on all fronts, I see no reason to believe cw over green. As for the BBC now then now then, sweep,sweep sweep that organisation has lost ALL credibility and that Gollum should have his head taken off

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