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  1. Been once. Last year actually- never did any research into finding a Rangers bar as I just took it for granted that there would be 1-2 there. none. There’s a big square with a scum bar and then loads of Irish pubs. Met a few bears mind in this Scots bar watching us play a dire 0-0 vs progres.
  2. The guy could be good but let’s face it with next to no creativity then Lewandowski would struggle for us at times, I don’t want to berate the manager but maybe after we realised Livingston wanted to do nothing but defend we should’ve swapped jack or kamara for Itten or Roofe and went with 2 attackers through the middle. A point is better than none but the players let themselves down with the over playing.
  3. Ha! I think there's more chance of a noose being sent in the post mate
  4. Well however you look at it then obviously the espanyol fans thought highly of tamudo and thank the doctor for failing his medical. to be offended by this is taig like
  5. When he was on form he was good but as per any winger type player it's always inconsistant, add to the fact most fans only remember the poorer performances of players instead of the better ones then players like temps and McKay are on a hiding to nothing
  6. The players will be up for this no doubt. Think it will be a 5-1 win for us, I can't see Motherwell getting much of the ball and their best shot is counter attacks and set peices-something we were suspect at last season, with hill at the back and Halliday or crooks or even both in the side I think we'll be a lot more solid. 5-1??
  7. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to be playing these games just now. But it is what it is. I hope we just use these games as preparation for the real kick off. No silly injuries or sending offs. Think we'll get a similar result to the hibs game last year. But as for this revamp its like trying to make a donkey look like a horse
  8. It's all very well saying we should be signing gems from Europe but exactly how many foriegners do we have?? Start going European and we could end up with segmental cliche dressing rooms ala advocaat last season. Warburton wont risk making an arse of the job by signing people who could divide the squad. Also the transfer fee side doesn't bother me in the slightest. Free agents from the English championship are a far higher standard than anything Scotland can throw at us.
  9. The bulk of the squad is extremely young and inexperienced. These 5 guys along with Miller will add enormous value in experience to the rest of the squad. If Halliday and holt can get half of kranjcar and Bartons ability then they'll do wonders in Scotland. I can't comment on Clint hill but a 1 year deal for a 37 y old is fine by me. i don't see short termism I see warbs signing older pros to help with the rebuilding
  10. Fuck me. Some paranoid bears in here.. Why wasn't he at Bartons conference? Why no comment on scots cup final melee?? Why no words mark?? Are you leaving mark? Marks leaving!! God sake, the guy gets it every week in the pre match pressers. I would hope he doesn't intend to speak to the media until preseason begins.
  11. I can see that but we don't need to compare it to ally's time at the club. We all know his flaws but he managed with dignity and is a Ranger through and through. We don't like the media slagging fellow bears but we do the same to ours
  12. Was a good wee listen. Joey is quite articulate for a scouser!! But that collymore is a ragin loon ball. Fuck knows how Durham doesn't whack him when drive finishes at 7 and they hand over to that rat bastard
  13. Isn't it time to forget ally's efforts? live and let live. His methods weren't great but his record as a manager will show that he got us on our way back up. And yes any manager with that budget should easily acheive that but let's just be thankful we had mccoist during the summer of 2012, never mind his goals record-being the figure head of Rangers is enough to give him a seat for life at ibrox
  14. Home strip is the best in years. I'd include the 3rd division strip in that aswell and that took a bit of beating. hope to fuck this merchandise carry on is sorted before the season kicks off. Not been too keen on football tops but the blue one is fucking marvellous
  15. I never said Jackson was talking for us. His statement was balanced and that is all we can ask for. we await the verdict from this independent panel and then react in the appropriate manner.
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