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Hearts administrators have yet to receive any bids for the club, confirm BDO

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What a surprise contradicting stories in the press, can you believe that, the Hearts Foundation fan group crap have apparently already submitted their bid and a bid is expected from HMFC Ltd are expected to submit a bid before Friday's deadline. Hope both are crap, and the main creditors refuse a CVA which will really stick them up shit creek.

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must value the boy at more than that then unless they are trying to be abit greedy and try and force more cash out somebody

dangerous game to play when they are desperate for dough

Have Forrest made any statement on this? It seems a bit odd that any player would happily sit around at a club in Hearts situation while offers for him are being rejected. Let's face it even if Hearts weren't in the shit he'd be getting a lot more cash down south. Presumably the player has been informed of Forrest's interest, if not then you'd expect the players union to be in there as he is more than likely owed back wages and on a 50% reduction in future pay. Btw, haven't the PFA been mysteriously quiet during all of this. Does anybody else get the feeling that these stories are a load of hot air?

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I agree Educator, and I've not heard of Forrest trying to sign any of their youth players (Forrest are my English team) Forrest also have their own pretty good youth development policy which is much better than Hearts! So if there was any truth in the rumours then the player must be exceptional and that level of ability doesn't ring a bell with me. Did find it interesting though that the Italian who almost ruined Livingston (I think it was) has submitted a bid, if this is true then surely he wouldn't meet the criteria for being allowed to buy a club?

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