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With the first competitive game of the season fast approaching the dilemma over our goalkeeper position becomes more paramount. Gallacher looks likely to start the season at Albion Rovers in the Challenge Cup on Sunday and with Bell only available to play in a maximum 3 of the 4 league games in August that means Scott could face a minimum of 5 matches as Rangers number 1 before September 1st.

Effectively Cammy Bell is Rangers number 1 as the more experienced of the two and he was brought in specifically to replace the previous incumbent, Alexander.

Ideally the manager would like to send Scott out on loan to play regulary week in-week out to develop and bring in an experienced cover to challenge Bell, perhaps a lower league veteran on a years contract...

Now, hopefully if we do our jobs well whoever the goalkeeper is shouldn't have much to do, but should Gallacher show up well in these early matches should he hold onto the goalkeepers jersey ahead of his experienced teammate and forgo any loan deal to stay and challenge Cammy to be Rangers Number 1?

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I can't really see that happening.

I don't get why Ally never gave him a run out once we had won the league last season??

Mind boggling.

Only reason I can think of is Ally wanted Neil to know he was his number 1 and perhaps convince him to take the contract on offer. Not a good reason but all I can think of. Especially after the league was official there were 5 games left to test Gallacher with.

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