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I haven't read the home page in well over a year.

Reason being, my shortcut takes me straight to the Bearsden.

I really enjoyed the articles I have just read on there.

Is there anyway that admin could put a headline on a topic in the Bearsden every time a new article is added to the home page with a wee bit of what has been written in the article, just the first paragraph or something with a link to the homepage article?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has missed out on these fantastic articles due to where my shortcut takes me to, the bearsden.

Thanks for reading, I hope it gives admin something to think about.

Plus the bearsden has been very quiet recently. This would help.

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Why did this get moved?

No idea.

As for the OP, it was decided a while ago that the author of each article should post a thread about it in the appropriate forum, with the first paragraph or two quoted then a link to the article itself. They would then get any likes, etc from the article themselves rather than us post them. I guess this doesn't always happen, I'll have a word in the Writers Forum to see if we can ensure articles are posted (tu)

Nice backheel from Moshni there :)

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