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we are going nowhere.

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We are going nowhere fast yes I get fact that in patches 1st half we did ok.now in 2nd half sittig inside ground today u could tell a goal was not coming from nowhere unless a set piece now I find that a joke.we bring in guys like daly who is not a FOOTBALL player in any case just a lump no pace no control no deadly instinct which makes u deadly in box its ok scoring against fuds each week but in games that he is here for goes missing. same with law he is pish same with black along with peralta no football brain in either 3 of them to unlock a defence.then moshni shocking has been all along he's a wanker foster worst rb simonsen shite mcculloch another tit that cunt wouldn't be anywhere near team if there was decent quality there.we have sheils I have been patient with him but another 1 like others can't pass or control a ball over short distance disgrace.only pass mark goes to smith only 1 kept wanting and showing for ball 1 mistake 1st goal but I'm telling u centre halfs were disgrace for the 2goals not shutting dwn. all in all we need to bleed youngsters who have ability that u can clearly see in u20games this season who can pass a ball and would play for jersey them plus steadily build a new squad.keep smith bell wallace clark macleod mckay temp gallacher aird who was ok doesn't let head go dwn.I admire wee mans attitude compared to rest plus he does have ability that doesn't just vanish now keep them bring in youngsters plus new signings each year.plus each window and build for next 2 to 3year its going to take to get any type of decent team plus performances on pitch or is it another whatever amount of time into future watching same pish mcculloch to daly foster to daly moshni to daly or law lost ball black lost ball kicked some cunt moans like a brat or peralta running like forrest gump u get the pic its pure pish can't sleep watch us we play best brand of football for imsomnia.

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