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Rdf Launch New Raffles


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Since today seems to be a slow news day, I thought I'd highlight this wee story...

RDF Launch New Raffles



THE Rangers Development Fund is proud to announce the launch of its new Rangers Lotto Seasonal Raffles.

Four Raffles will be introduced throughout the year with one for each of the seasons. The first to be launched is our Summer Raffle. [ On Sale Now. Draw Date: 28th August]

The top prize is £1,000 with many other prizes including 2 Season Tickets for 2015/16, Signed Tops, Matchday Hospitality, Stadium Tours and many more.

Once again the Rangers Development Fund is leading the way in raffle design. From today fans can buy tickets online from www.rangerslotto.co.uk as well as via traditional paper tickets. As normal all profits will go to our Youth Programme.

Development Fund Director, Colin Stewart comments “We have been at the forefront of competition design for some time. Three years ago we introduced the option for our fans to buy Rangers Lotto and Rising Stars Tickets plus Stadium Bricks via their mobile phones. We now receive sales from fans sitting in their seats at home matches. They are seeing our Digi board adverts and are buying via their mobile phones. No other football club offers this facility.

Now The Rangers Development Fund has introduced a raffle which is both traditional in the sense that fans can buy paper tickets but also those fans comfortable with all things digital can buy tickets online and receive an email with their entry numbers. Again we are pioneering the way and ensuring our fans are being offered a quality product using the latest technology.

The Rangers Development Fund continues to contribute valuable funds to our Youth Programme and we are determined to significantly increase our funding to this crucial area of the club. Sales of our Summer Raffle will help to ensure we achieve our aims”

To help support the Rangers Youth Programme you can buy Summer Raffle tickets from www.rangerslotto.co.uk or by calling 0141 427 4914 or in person at the Lotto Office, 2nd Floor, Broomloan House, Ibrox.

If you would like a batch of 10 tickets posted to you, please email the Lotto Team at lotto@rangers.co.uk. Tickets will also be available at home matches in the new season.

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Did we ever find out why Llambias was trying to get his hands on the Dev. Fund just prior to being removed?

The burnt earth policy comes to mind. Plundering rats. Thank God for Colin Stewart for refusing to hand the fund over, he is a Man with scruples
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The RM Sponsors' Fund has now bought 100 tickets for the RDF Summer Raffle.

Cost: £100

Here they are:
You can buy your Raffle tickets direct from the RDF office (0141 427 4914) or online here: http://www.rangerslotto.co.uk/?page_id=595
Or alternatively, you can ask the Sponsors' Fund to get some for you, and we'll earn 10% commission on them. (tu)
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