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  1. That is def the best line in that letter. Almost wet myself.😂😂😂
  2. Mibbies aye or mibbies naw. ( I know the spelling is fucked)
  3. This is a really interesting topic. BUT!!!!!!
  4. I have absolutely no doubt about that. However my main point was that there is another opinion and that is very healthy in reaching some sort of definitive answer to the problem. A problem which must be solved. I admit to being a bit flippant.
  5. Big statement to say not true. However I understand why you would say it after you had read someone else’s opinion. Strikes me that it is a combination of ball velocity and mass of the ball which would create the biggest problem combined again again with repetiveness. Hope that’s spelled correctly. So it would appear there is another opinion, and I must admit it opened my thought process a bit, and this is to be welcomed. Again, however, I don’t think I would dismiss the original theory just as easily as you appear to have done. Not unless the Guardian are the “go to” authority in heading foot
  6. I’ve been wanting to post this for ages but I just don’t remember any great hype about 10 in a row. It was just another title. Was more concerned about losing Wattie.
  7. Heading in the sixties was like battering your head on a wall, on a wet day, and we have loads of them in Scotland. Heading a ball now is so much easier and softer due to technology but then I,m only playing footie with my grandson. I think progress has come by normal means and hopefully helps, maybe eliminates, the problem. Time will tell. If not there must be plenty of head gear can be used in the event of you having to head a ball without affecting your natural skills.
  8. That is a superb post. Have never really judged our punishments against teams who are rarely on telly.
  9. Got to be the one with bitten and Usain Bolt with a rocket up his arse, sorry meant Ajer.
  10. How do you know they are not speaking from one.
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