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  1. Done. Good luck mate. All the very best to your daughter.
  2. Had not even given that a thought. Shame.
  3. Absolutely spot on mate. Some of our forum members had it sussed in 5 mins. So police Scotland, as much as we would like to think they are, are no idiots, have been ordered to investigate. IMO.
  4. Don’t think he will have reached that stage of the curriculum to assess that possibility.
  5. And I mean it. It will be great to see 50000 back at Ibrox. Fingers crossed.😂
  6. Renewed no problems with my credit card. Confirmed within 24 hours. Hope I see you all next season. Won,t know you but it will be great.
  7. Can,t quite believe Barry or Ally coming out with that shite. They are well entitled to think it but to say it in the media, knowing there are thousands of Gers fans out there who hate the cunt with a passion, and who idolised them, shows a real ‘I don’t give a fuck about my fans’ attitude. Let’s not forget we have good reason for hating the cunt.
  8. That is def the best line in that letter. Almost wet myself.😂😂😂
  9. I’ve been wanting to post this for ages but I just don’t remember any great hype about 10 in a row. It was just another title. Was more concerned about losing Wattie.
  10. That is a superb post. Have never really judged our punishments against teams who are rarely on telly.
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