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Decent Article On The Management Team And Their Work So Far

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EAT, sleep, train, repeat. That has been Davie Weir and Mark Warburton’s daily routine since arriving at Rangers.

After a double session at Murray Park, the pair retreat to a Glasgow hotel – and plot the way forward for the Ibrox club.

It’s all new for Gers gaffer Warburton, who has spent most of his career in London.

But in Weir, he has the perfect tour guide. With five years’ experience behind him as a Rangers player – he’s fully aware of what football means to supporters in the city.

Warburton has yet to fully appreciate it. But Weir insists the ex-Brentford boss’ relentless work ethic, meticulous planning and desire to succeed will win over the Light Blue natives.

The 45-year-old admits that if you’re an outsider, life in the Old Firm goldfish bowl can be perceived negatively.

But as Weir and Warburton settle into Glasgow ahead of a three-year adventure which they hope will lead to the Champions League – the Ibrox assistant boss said: “I’ve tried to point Mark in the right direction.

“Although maybe if we’re fighting for a flat, I’ll point him in the wrong direction.


“Seriously, this is new to him and I’ve tried to help as much as I can. I have to say, having lived and worked in London with Brentford, Glasgow is a really good city to be in.

“I hadn’t been here in a while and you forget how good a city it really is.

“Obviously, there is the whole Rangers/Celtic thing and you hear a lot of horror stories.

“But so far our experience has been really good.

“All the people we’ve met have been very welcoming.

“The football hasn’t started yet, right enough, but up until now it’s been fantastic for both Mark and me.

“We’ve been at the training ground most of the time. Then we’ll go back to the hotel, have something to eat and go to bed.

“That’s been the routine for the last few weeks and there’s still a lot of hard work to be done.

“But Mark is a hard worker. He starts early and finishes late. He has such high standards.

“Mark is desperate to get things done in the right manner for Rangers. But in order to do that, you have to spend the time.

“We’re glass-half-full types of people. So we came in here expecting the best – we expected things to be good.

“We enjoyed our last club, the people, the environment and the culture that Mark had primarily created.

“We came here, maybe a bit wary, but you take any new place as you find it. And we’ve found the place to be really good with excellent people.”

Warburton and Weir are attempting to rebuild Rangers on and off the park. Squad numbers are low and, so far, only Danny Wilson, Rob Kiernan and Wes Foderingham have been added.

The new gaffer will have to work with a sizeable group of players who under-achieved in the Championship last season.

But Weir is adamant that the likes of Marius Zaliukas, Dean Shiels and forgotten winger David Templeton can shine under Warburton’s guidance.

Asked if he could reignite their careers at Ibrox, Weir said: “That’s our job. Our job is to get the best out of the players we’ve got.

“Whatever has happened in the past here has gone. There has been a lot of bad news at Rangers and, of course, circumstances have made things difficult.

“But we want it to be fresh and new. We want the players to be excited about being here.

“We also want the fans to be excited about watching their team. All the boys mentioned there are good players and we’ll give them an opportunity to contribute.

“Our task is to give them the right stage and environment to perform.

“We think Rangers must have a Scottish core. You can see that with Danny coming in.

“It’s fundamental that this club have Scottish players running through the side. But equally, the supporters just want to see good players.

“Ideally they’d be Scottish and from Glasgow. We’ll definitely be looking at the Scottish market.

“But the bottom line is, they have to be good enough to play for Rangers.” That’s why Wilson, Kiernan and Foderingham have been carefully selected as Rangers’ defensive unit for next term.

Weir says the acquisitions of a keeper and two centre-backs is no coincidence.

Almost like when Graeme Souness kicked off a revolution at Ibrox in 1986 – Warburton is building from the back.

He wants a small pool of players and the consistency of selection he enjoyed at Brentford.

Weir said: “We have signed a defensive base unit and that was intentional. Mark and I were conscious of trying to organise certain parts of the team.

“Specific players were available and – time dependant – if you can get them in, you just do it. “We brought in Danny, Rob and Wes to add to the defence. We needed that and it gives us a level of security.

“It also adds to competition for places with the likes of Cammy Bell, Darren McGregor and Zaliukas already here.

Ealing GazetteJS30109336.jpg
Mark Warburton during his stint as Brentford boss

“We’ve lost 16 players and only three have come in. So there are still gaps to fill and we’re constantly thinking and discussing the players we want to bring in.

“But they have to be right for this club and add value to the squad we already have.

“The more consistent you can keep the team, the better. Look at last season – the teams who used the fewest players were generally the most successful.

“At Brentford we only used 24 and maybe four or five of them only played one full 90 minutes.

“If you can have a lean squad who are tight and fit, I think it helps. That goes for all positions, not just defence.

“You want players to feel close to the team, to feel as if they’re contributing. The more players you have out of the team – the more unhappy players you have.

“Mark likes to have good people but limited numbers. That goes for the staff as well.

“It’s nice to know who you’re working with and have that familiarity. We know exactly how we want to work.”

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“I’ve tried to point Mark in the right direction.

“Although maybe if we’re fighting for a flat, I’ll point him in the wrong direction.

Stick to coaching Davie. :lol:

Saying all the right things, I'm optimistic the work ethic and focus MW and DW have will ensure last season will become a distant memory. Good luck, not that I think MW leaves anything to chance.

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This time almost every year I'm desperate for the new footballing season start but that's mostly down to there not being any games on during the summer,but this time around it's excitement more than anything else. Haven't been truly excited for a league campaign to start in a long long time.

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Sibbald is a name that rarely gets mentioned , but he's stood out for me every time he's faced us. Would be a good addition (tu)

I've really liked Vaulks whenever I've seen Falkirk play too.

He got into the team the a year a couple of seasons back as a centre half, but he looks pretty comfortable in midfield too.

I'd love to see both of them at the club because I think Warburton could really bring them on and help them become good players rather than just talented ones.

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