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Bringing Tbe Pride Back.

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I have (and always will) love being a Rangers fan. However over the past few years I feel like we dropped the ball, paid too much respect to our rivals and lost the PRIDE that went with wearing the jersey.

Mark Warburton IMO is restoring that and now focuses on US rather than our opposition. It may be early doors but I think that the result against Hibs sends out a message to our seasons opponents.

Not only that but our players seem to have the mentality drummed in to them(and in their own mindset)that being Rangers and a Rangers player is a huge thing and you should be proud to wear that jersey and show every match they are proud to wear it.

In the interviews when they signed here seemed to be that honour of playing for our club and I hope it drives them on to getting us back to the top.

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Two things should develop now because of Warburton's influence and vision. The fans should pack Ibrox every week. Frankly, if we keep playing this brand of football, improve and score goals like Saturday then I think 40k + plus ST holders is very possible.

The Board, or more pertinently King and the three bears, should put their hands in their pockets ( like they said they would) and support Warburton. This guy can definitely take on that Norwegian prawn - no danger!

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