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17’s Close With A Defeat


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No surprise there. The results our youths have had in the past year have been absolutely appalling. I don't buy into the whole results don't matter bullshit and i don't want anyone coming in here and trying to explain why they don't matter and how it's all about game time and experience bla bla bla. Horse shit. I'm not interested. I want Rangers under 8s to win every match, i want our under 10s to win every match, i want our legends to win every match and i want our 17s, 19s, reserves and first team, all our teams, to win every single fucking match because that is what we do, we win. We are a club of winners. I want every team who plays us at every level to fear us becaue we have the best players and they know they are gong to get fucked before a ball is even kicked. This non competitive shite is so indicative of the Scottish game and where it sits among our European counter parts. It's a nonsense. 

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3 hours ago, Rogerramjet25 said:

Has any of our teams from 1st team down to U8s won a game against that mob all season?

U16's played once a 1-1 draw

U15's Played 3 Won 2 (5-3 & 6-1) Drew 1 (2-2)

U14's Played 2 Won 1 (3-0) Lost 1 (1-2) last minute goalkeeping error

U13's Played 2 Drew 1 (1-1) Lost 1 (1-4)

U11's  & U12's  play a series of 7-a-side games don't know any scores

Don't play them below U11's

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