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  1. You think he’s missing chances on purpose? If he wants out the quickest way to do it is score goals.
  2. When we played Lyon he was on 143 goals and 57 assists thats 200 goals/assists in 259 games. The adulation for him is warranted, we watched utter shite from Kevin Kyle to Joey garner before he arrived and quite rightly the fans lapped him up. He’s out of sorts but we need to stick with him.
  3. We’ve been down this road before, drop points, Morelos has missed good chances and it’s a big call for him to be dropped. Problem is every time it happens no one else steps up to the mark. Last time Roofe and Sakala led the line v Prague we were fuckin toothless. Happened numerous times over the last few years where Lafferty, Defoe, Roofe, Itten etc have been asked to step up and haven’t. Like it or not he’s our best striker by a mile.
  4. Could of got CL group stages and access to money which would bring new players. Appreciate Kamara and Roofe being banned is out of his control and did us no favours but the drop off between the team that pumped Aberdeen last game of the season and what we’ve seen this season is unacceptable.
  5. His subs today were a joke, granted Morelos who I’m a massive fan of was terrible and that would changes matters. Didn’t understand why you take our only pacy player off for bacuna when we all knew Morelos wasn’t on it. Why take off Hagi or Aribo when we all knew they were better options than Morelos? Could tell after about 55 mins we were sat too deep. Gerrard should of made subs to change the game in our favour, he changed and only team it benefitted was Hearts.
  6. We’re top of the league but our fixtures were a lot more easier than last season. We’ve got a difficult run coming up and we’re absolutely miles off it, not kicked a ball all season. Middle of October and he’s not fixed it, we’ve won 1 game in 6 in Europe and Motherwell, Malmö along with today we’ve dominated first halves and shat the bed the 2nd half. We’re a mess.
  7. Aye won’t happen straight away but in time if they can fill BF it’s a quicker route to standing than waiting on the club.
  8. Good idea, closest we will get to safe standing for a while.
  9. We sold Windass and the following came in to replace him either up front or off the sides: Sadiq Lafferty Grezda We’d of been far better off keeping a guy who’s scored 20 goals a season than the shite we brought in to replace him. Current team id rather have had Windass up front than Itten and I’d have him in the team before Scott Wright.
  10. Agreed he’s got better but his starting point was absolutely shite (from his own performances) they are now decent, he’s got a way to go for me to be called upon as a starter. I’m made up he’s doing better but SG has brought him in as a starter, he’s showed nothing to show he improves our starting 11. Did nothing out of the ordinary today, along with the whole team needs to improve the standard.
  11. How often have they played together? What you expecting? Patterson did just fine, couple poor deliveries and a telling one that made the assist. Hagi did ok too, one of the only ones who gets on the half turn and tries to make a difficult pass.
  12. Not on his back, just surprised everyone is as easily pleased with his performance. He’s a big strong boy who shat out a 50/50 with one of them. Kept it tidy after that, is that our standards now? If we didn’t win today he’d of been getting dogs abuse.
  13. No bandwagon or final judgment on him after 5 games. Generally didn’t think he was a stand out today. Didn’t do anymore then what you’d expect of a Rangers midfielder against 10 men.
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