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Although most of us wont have a ticket, any plans for a bus, even just to stand around at the fans bit?

If theres any plans, I'd like to book 2 tickets please.

Someone, dae it!

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Is there anyone more organise than us steamers that can book a bus and work out ow much cash it'll take to cover the fuel and driver?

Give us an idea of tickets?

This forum would be a brilliant way to organise an away support.

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count me in. should defo get it. ticket or no. therel no doubt be a big screen up. will be more bouncin outside the stadium than in it :P

Well make the ground shake. WATP :rangers:

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We can try and get something like this sorted I am sure!

I hope so.

Years like this don't come around too often, even for a club like Rangers.

2 tickets!!!

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