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Road To Manchester (Repost)


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Came across this while looking through some Rangers videos on Youtube, and the memories came flooding back. What a season it was! What a Euro run!

All this negative stuff seems so silly now!

We Are The People, and that won't change!


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I was just watching that earlier mate and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as we did all the hard work getting by everyone of those teams and yet we never turned up in the final.

If the players needed anything to fire them up for the game Walter shud have stuck that video on in the fucking dressing room before the players were going out.

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One of the best pieces of commentary i've ever heard

"Manchester brace yourself


I loved the ITV4 commentary - I had a few videos of the penalties favourited on YouTube, but they got taken down "under a copyright claim from UEFA". There's a few more vids up now again, don't know how long they'll last though.

I never get tired of watching that effort by wee Nacho and everyone running across the pitch :D

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