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  1. I thought Defoe moving to a coaching roel would improve Morelos this season. Seen no sign of improvement whatsoever though.
  2. Thought Morelos was stinking today, absolutely rotten! I'd have hooked him at half time to start with.
  3. Selling our players less than their worth isn't going to help our financial situation in the long term. Ideally we keep until the summer at least but there's absolutely no doubt we should be aiming higher than £15m for Kento if bids are imminent.
  4. He can have oor Kent. No problem at all..... For £45 million or however much we won't make from the Champions league if he goes and therefore fail to win the league. How about that.
  5. Shut up you absolute fucking tit!
  6. We need a sharp turn in form if we're even going to compete imo. On current form, and if we continue as we are, we will need to and hope/rely on celtic's defence letting them down if we are to retain the title.
  7. This could be fixed fairly quickly in my opinion if he were to add (reintroduce) a few elements to his play around the box. A wee bit composure and we're again looking at a multi million pound player we saw a 18 months ago. Appreciate this hasn't been helped with the low block and him coming deep so often to be fair.
  8. It seems like every post I've made I get a unneccessary negative reply from you "disregard whatever pish it is you come out with". Would you say that to someone's face? "We're so lucky to have a poster on here to educate those of us who don't know what a 'fake shot' is." "mythical 'fake shot" Is there any need for this? Fair enough, you don't agree with me. Feel free to ignore my posts mate.
  9. What an angry young man you are. Simply making a point that if you watch Morelos, without the blinkered specs of previous goal tallies and how superb he's been for us in the past and despite his goal to game ratio, you would see that right now and for a while he's lacking the ability to create a goal from nothing. He lacks a fake shot, he lacks many of the instinctual attributes of a Defoe. That may be difficult for you to admit or agree with which is fine, there's no need to resort to petty comments like above. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the youtube video as you and other may have taken that out of context. The reason for the video was to highlight what I meant in terms of faking a shot. I didn't expect anyone, including a 35 year old, to take it literally.
  10. You're not getting it brother. I shall leave you festering.
  11. Gonny makre sure he learns the fake shot.
  12. I absolutely think this when I watch Morelos fluff his lines over and over again lately.
  13. This if a forum mate. Forums a here for discussion, to exchange ideas and what not. He does still offer a lot off the ball, pulling defenders out of position and ragdolliong etc. But I was referring specifically to his scoring and getting into positions to score, making a yard for himself, tricking an opponent which then leads to him hitting the net (not specificially striking of the ball, yes I'm not a pro but it's clear as day he's missing some basics of a forwards play right now). By my observations, Morelos right at this moment in time, and for quite a while, is not showing any signs of being a top striker. There are no faints, no skill moves, no fake shots to trick the opponent to get the shot away, nothing. Anywhere around the 18 yard box or closer to goal it's a rash shot in the hope of a goal which rarely leads to a goal and therefore isn't currently working for him. As pointed out in my original post if he were to introduce any of these faints, fake shots, dummy passes, drag backs, anything, he would fair better and we as a team would benefit greatly. He would get his move to a better league and we would get the cash we all want and think he's worth if and when he does move on. Apologies if you thought I had posted the video expecting Morelos to see it as that was never my intention.
  14. Aw ffs. We've got cunts sharing stats to counter argue that Morelos doesn't have a problem just now and would instead hide his head in the sand and pretend he's still the best striker he could possible right now. Morelos' is currently playing very poor and doesn't seem capable of basic striking skills but we'll just ignore that cause he did it 2 years ago.
  15. Morelos really does lack invention when it comes to shooting of late. Most chances that he squanders are due, in my opinion, to what appears to be a lack of invention and strikers skill. The better strikers such as Defoe know how to create a yard to get a shot off and do so naturally. A dummy shot dragged to the other foot, a fake pass to create enough space to get a shot away. Meanwhile Morelos appears happy to take a shot straight at a defenders legs. Morelos should sit down and watch this video. Basics of striking in my opinion and should be in every forward players arsenal. Why Defoe isn't schooling Morelos in this in his new role is anyone's guess. Although he shouldnt have to as it should be a forwards bread and butter. Morelos's stats and goals and in turn price tag would be through the roof if he just had a bit more craft and skill up top.
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