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  1. Thread is dug shit but. Feel a wee bit for Defoe. He must be desperate to play in Europe and looks like that chance is all but gone.
  2. One huge positive of any takeover for us is we no longer need to sell our players on the cheap. Which was my pet hate!
  3. I almost cried... This post contains Spoilers Poor Fedor.
  4. Smoke n mirrors. Another deadline to see if another suitor bites. I won't hold my breath.
  5. shame, good thread about a potential signing who we all rate
  6. Selection 850/1 - Jonny Evans Event Rangers vs Manchester Utd European Market First goalscorer Selection 850/1 - Rangers 3 - 1 Market Correct score Scorecast 1 line at £1.00 per line Total stake for this bet: £1.00 Potential Return: £851.00 Time: 24/11/10 17:58
  7. We share these feelings buddy. They are dirty peado unwashed bastards.
  8. Agreed load of pish. My Gers pal sent it to me as a text. I thought I'd share. Pish or no pish, ungrateful sod.
  9. From a text: Can't believe I sat and typed all this shite out.
  10. He'll end up at hearts or somewhere similar imo.
  11. Terrible result. Especially at home. Terrible.
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