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  1. Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Bubbling away here. Really want to see Negri score and run about celebrating like a madman
  2. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    I've never seen such hatred ooze from a man!
  3. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    "Q. You've said many, many times how much you love Wimbledon. Can you talk about your feeling now inside after the result? RAFAEL NADAL: My feeling is what you are watching. I am like this. I am very, very disappointed." After Nadal lost to Rosol last year. Doesn't care about Wimbledon? Nonsense. A competitive sportsman like Nadal wants to win every competition he enters. He will be gutted, absolutely gutted about the result.
  4. First away game! Going with a couple of mates on the train from queen street. Won't find out where I'm sitting til Sunday. Can't bloody wait!
  5. ***The official Rangers vs. Queen of the South thread***

    Players look dead on their feet, bar Wallace who moat if the time has got past his man down the line. Looks like penalties right now..oh I hate penalties
  6. The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium – Peterhead vs The Rangers

    Was in for the first time for the East Fife game, loved it
  7. Think we're just gonna' get an earlier train, no chance in hell am I missing this. Buzzing for it!
  8. In panic mode now. Me and my mate are heading along, hoping to be there abot half 6 to get a ticket at the gate. Apparently it's very congested over at Ibrox now, worried I won't get a ticket
  9. ***The Official Rangers v Hearts Thread***

    Firstrow if you want to catch a cold guys..
  10. Team tonight

    I would rather have Forrest up against Broadfoot that Whittaker defensively.
  11. *** The Official Rangers Vs. Nk Maribor Thread ***

    Broadfoot and edu really slow our play down, and ortiz has been non existent, would like to are fleck on for him, and speed our play up in general.
  12. To djbroxibear - yes hutton probably is good enough, but I can see why ally is going with experience. Just because I can understand why he's doing it doesn't mean I agree with it.
  13. Understandably many people are annoyed with the mcculloch and ddi midfield pairing, as they have a right to be as its been shown it doesn't work. However if Ness is indeed injured then ally has little choice but to go with that, unless he plays youth which, imo, could be an even bigger risk in a game as vital as this. We need to get behind the team tonight. If this team which is similiar to that which played malmo away plays as they did on that night, we should get a result.