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  1. As difficult as it it, a bit of perspective is needed IMO. Did we expect to get to the group stages? Maybe, but it was a long shot. We all love a moan, and we could have won that tonight and got through. Spartak results have cost us in the end. Am I happy? Am I fuck - never am when we lose. It's something to build on.
  2. Cheers mate, was in the princes last weekend and told myself I wouldn't be back for a while, looks like that's changing
  3. Does anyone know anywhere that will be showing 200 in Glasgow tomorrow night? Had a look on walkabouts site but nothing there.
  4. As bad as spiders are, it's wasps that really bug me. Constantly buzzing about attacking you for no reason!
  5. Aye, there wa a big one in my garage the other day sitting on a bike and I didn't see it. Went to lift the bike up and it ran down my arm
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