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  1. lee erwin

    I'd like to take this opportunity to state that Bilel Mohsni, along with Ross Perry, Amdy Faye, Andy Mitchell and Alan Gow, is part of my 'Top 5 Worst Rangers Players' list. He was a complete and utter car crash of a human being and a footballer. I appreciate that he was good with autograph hunters outside the stadium, but he didn't have the mental capacity to cope with the expectation associated with playing for Rangers. Never mind that, though, his footballing ability was non-existent. Regarding Erwin, it won't happen.
  2. Just wow. Next stage in blame Rangers really vamped up

    I'm afraid what happened outside of Hampden (Some sarcastic applause, from my point of view) is completely and utterly irrelevant. The major issue which is being conveniently over-looked by Police Scotland is the alarming fact that, fifteen minutes earlier, a Scotland international and his colleagues were assaulted on the pitch inside the national stadium as a direct result of a significant failure in policing and stewarding. You couldn't fucking write it, but they have. The club must not let this lie. I hope the lack of activity in regards to Saturday's events is as a result of on-going legal proceedings. I want King, Warburton, Wallace, Holt, Halliday and any other player who was assaulted to hold a press conference specifically for the assaults.
  3. Nicky Law & Nicky Clark's Parting Tweets

    I still remember Law's debut against Albion Rovers at a sunny Almondvale in July, 2013. I know it was only Albion Rovers, but he was outstanding. H might have scored two, I don't quite remember, but he definitley scored one and it was a peach. If I remember correctly, Clark also scored on his debut at Ibrox, minutes in. Every time I seen his dad Sandy at away games, he looked as proud as you can be. He must have been buzzing for his wee boy. All the best to them both. They were nothing special, but they played their part.
  4. Oh the SFA are.......

    Kevin, away and take your face for a shite, Kevin. Kevin.
  5. Wallace Withdraws From Scotland Squad.

    Good and I hope it becomes fact that the reason behind his decision is the SFA's monumental failure to protect him and his team-mates on Saturday. If Barry McKay were to follow, I would be a satisfied man. The national team is a car crash; it always has been and always will be. Scotland are football's Harvey Price. It's self-inflicted failure by a nation who asks Scott Brown to inspire it's half-Scottish/half-English squad with the captain's armband and who's manager's call-up policy is scandalous. The "Hampden roar" is a myth and the Tartan Army simply indecently expose themselves, assuming that everyone else thinks it's "cheeky". Our players have long been insulted by that mob; going as far back as Craig Brown selecting Scott Booth over McCoist for France '98 to Burley patching Boyd in 2008, all the way to Ferguson and McGregor being made scapegoats in what, via numerous professional sources, involved other players from other clubs. Even Strachan's recent call-ups; no £9M goal-machine Jordan Rhodes, fresh off firing Middlesborough to the Premier League, but his loanee replacement Tony Watt is in? Mulgrew and Forrest, five games between them, in. He's also called-up Hearts' back-up 'keeper and a young boy from Swansea; five apprehended between them this season. Insane. They are the only home nation not at the EUROs again for a reason; this country's footballing structure and mentality is fucked.
  6. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Scousers love a shumper (Shirt and jumper) combination. Welcome to the greatest club you'll ever play for, Joey. I have no doubt that you'll step-up and play.
  7. Jason Cummings

    The first time I seen him playing was for Hibs against Hamilton in the Play-Off final first leg in 2014. I was in a pub in Hamilton and it happened to be on. The commentator mentioned that twelve months ago, he was playing boys' club football and working as a gardener, having been binned by Hearts when he picked-up an injury before he had even turned professional. In that game, he scored a left-footed peach and afterwards, bold as brass, he told BT Sport that he could "open up a tin of beans with his left foot". "An arrogant wee cunt", I thought. The following week, he stepped-up and missed the penalty that relegated Hibs. For most 18 year-olds, that would have been enough to shatter their confidence. He's responded to that setback by hitting almost 50 goals in two seasons for Hibs. Even in the semi-final against Dundee United, he tried to be a smart cunt and fucked-up a penalty during the game, but still had the bottle to step-up again and put away the winning penalty. He's a cheeky wee cunt who also claimed that he had "the touch of an angel" after a goal against us, but he's still a young boy. Who wasn't daft at that age? People often forget that the guy who absolutely done Kiernan and Foderingham with a feign and a dink at Ibrox is only 20 years-old. After that chance session in the pub two years ago, we've been toe-to-toe with Hibs regularly, so I've kept an eye on his career. He's different; he's not a badge-kisser, but he can play football and I honestly believe that if Warburton got a hold of him, we'd have a fantastic player in the future. That's all irrelevant, though, because I don't think we'll deal with Hibs again.
  8. Suggestions.

    I've seen him mentioned in the same sentence as us on Twitter, so I'm sure it's been discussed on here, but I wouldn't be against bringing in that Will Vaulks from Falkirk. He's by no means the complete package or finished article, but he has a bit about him and I'm sure Warburton would take great pleasure in developing a player who, from my point of view, also looks like a hard-worker and a grafter.
  9. Jason Cummings

    Your first reply was witty, but that was shite. I can understand why you call the guy who doesn't indicate a prick and I can certainly relate to the Scott Brown reference, but I still don't understand the connection to Cummings. Fair enough, though. I agree; I believe he's a good player and more importantly, has a bright future, but I don't think we'll deal with Hibs again, never mind entertain the money they'll no doubt demand.
  10. Wes Foderingham on Twitter (Sat, Support and Attack)

    Your welcome Wes. And thank you. Thank you for sticking to the instructions that Warburton set you; distribute the ball by passing, not punting, ensuring that we remain in possession and build from the back as opossed to putting it in the air. It was nervy at times and it left you vulnerable at times, but I for one appreciate the change from Cammy Bell's punts and the role you played in our new style of football. Yes, you made some big errors, but your finger-tip save of Griffiths' free-kick in the last minute of extra time in the semi-final was the catalyst for the most euphoric moment I've had as a Rangers fan since 15th of May, 2011. By the SFA and Police Scotland, you were left exposed to assault and that is beyond unacceptable. One, never mind eleven, footballers should not fear for their safety on the pitch inside the national stadium, but welcome to Scotland today. Now, along with the others assaulted, I want to see a press conference, detailing the events and attacks.
  11. Jason Cummings

    Why do you call him a prick, out of genuine interest? I'm not saying he isn't, I don't know him, but I'm curious.
  12. Jason Cummings

    Get this fucking thread locked!
  13. Jason Cummings

    I'm not religious, but I thank the Lord that Mark Warburton is our manager and not some members on here. His socks, his hair, the fact that he looked happy to win the Scottish Cup on Saturday; there are some genuinely atonishing points of views being vented. A couple of people, out of disappointment from Saturday's result, have even come in here just to say "get this wee cunt to fuck". I think certain people's clouded judgement causes them to forget that the boy who's hit almost 50 goals in two years for Hibs, including numerous goals (and types of goals) against us, is less than a year out of his teens and was a gardener three years ago, having been put on the scrapheap. Having said that, I don't think we'll deal with Hibs again after their chairman and fans' conduct at the weekend.
  14. Lee Wallace assault culprit.

    I love Tavernier and I rate him, but watch his involvement, or lack of, in the build-up to their opener. He's sleeping when he should be putting a foot in on an under-pressure Cummings who creates space to find Stokes. As someone mentioned, though, I have quite literally never seen such blatantly bad defending as that shown by Kiernan for that goal. Bilel Mohsni wouldn't even have done that. It was criminal, below amatuer and abysmal.
  15. Rangers confirm 3 players will leave when their contract expires

    Don't get me wrong, I completely understand your point of view; I believe there is an extremely fine line between having the opinion that Shiels has done nothing and the one that he's been decent. To be clear, if Shiels was 25 years-old, I wouldn't keep him and I don't think Warburton would either. In his 30s, though, he has an experienced head and we all know that Warburton appreciates that. Anyone who travelled up north to watch us along with 3,000 fans in places like Elgin and Montrose will know how vocal he is on the pitch. Equally, a re-negotiated deal, I have little doubt, will involve a reduction in salary.