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  1. Should we recall Andy Murdoch?

    If he's not playing, then absolutely. The purpose of leaving on loan is to secure first team football. Having said that, I don't know how long he's been at Palmerston. I do know that he had a very fruitful spell at Cowdenbeath and rightly so, Warburton seen this an opportunity for him to step-up a level in quality. Personally, I haven't been blown away by him. Apart from one impressive game away to Raith, I don't think he offered a great deal. Neither did anyone last season, though, and Murdoch has age on his side.
  2. Shame Kiernan came off today

    An excellent performance from Kiernan today. That big boy up-front for them put in the worst forward's performance since Andy Little at Parkhead in 2012 and it was thanks to big Rob.
  3. Taking loan player from other Scottish club..

    My biggest concern is that, should he secure a place in our starting eleven and assist us to promotion, we'll be sending him back to Hearts, a side we will be competing against next season, a better player. Warburton is evidently sensible in the transfer market, but this doesn't strike me as a sensible move.
  4. Mohsni released without kicking a ball in Angers.

    Angers even signing him in the first place was an error of judgement on their part; he's an atrocious footballer.   He struggled to complete simple, five-yard passes (largely because he insisted on using the outside of his fucking boots, for fuck's sake) and had the mental capacity of an infant. I don't care how long he hung around after a game to sign autographs; he goes down as the worst footballer I've ever seen play for Rangers.   Battering Erwin aside, his form at the end of last season cost us dearly. Being beaten to a header by the shorter Rory Loy at Falkirk springs to mind, as does blootering the ball over the stand behind the touchline at Raith when under zero pressure; that stands out because it made it to Paddy Power's Facebook page and I'm told Soccer AM too.   The more I think about it, the worse my memory of him becomes. Awful footballer. He is out of his depth at professional level.
  5. Haris Vuckic Interview

    He knocked-back us for Wigan? Then, suggests he'll entertain us when we're back in the Premier League. Away to fuck, Haris. You were half-decent in a full-on shite Rangers team and were posted missing in the Play-Off final against Motherwell. Let's look to the future, not to the past.
  6. Which Team In Scotland Can Actually Stop Us?

    I think the OP is being slightly delusional. In my opinion, we would compete with Aberdeen and Hearts, so like those two, we would struggle to keep up with Celtic. That's the reality, I think.
  7. Kevin Thomson To Hivs

    Thomson was one of my favourite players for us during a fantastic period for the club. His career has been impacted by injuries, but we absolutely seen the best of him. A European cup finalist at just 23 years-old, no less. It's a crying shame that Scott Brown has been earning £25K per-week for nine years while Thomson, who albeit is a different kind of midfielder, I would argue was the better player, has gone from club-to-club because Lloyd's had Murray accepting almost any bid that came in. I'm sure Walter Smith touted him as a future Rangers captain shortly before he departed. He's a Hibee, very rare in that he's a good one, so this move will suit him.
  8. Wes Versus Di Fanio

    How on earth di Canio got into management and secured a couple of high level jobs is beyond me. He's an attention-seeker and subbing Foderingham so early in a game is a horrendous attempt at making a statement and as opposed to nurturing a young player to instil confidence, exploit him as a scapegoat. I don't agree with Wes' reaction, but who can blame him? I remember seeing footage of a West Ham and Bradford game where do Canio was denied three penalties, not stonewallers, and he started signalling to his boss, Harry Redknapp, that he wasn't having any of it and wanted subbed. How can someone of that character be tasked with managing and leading a club?
  9. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

    Here's a shout. Hands down, no doubt about it, the worst footballer I've ever seen playing for Rangers. 100%, for me. Let's forget his playing to the galleries and doing what we all wanted to do to a Motherwell player at full-time that day; it's the signing of players like Bilel Mohsni that will be held against McCoist in court if ever he is charged with fraudulently impersonating a football manager.
  10. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

    Steven Naismith, most. Followed by Allan McGregor and Steven Davis. Whittaker, Fleck, Ness, McCabe and Lafferty fall into the same category, but I don't particularly give enough of a fuck about them to dislike them. The top three, genuinely for the first time in my 30+ years of supporting Rangers, had me wondering why I even cared so much about Rangers. If they didn't, including a wee bluenose who grew-up to become an Ibrox favourite, could do that, who was I kidding? Players like Lee Wallace and to a lesser extent Mo Edu and Kirk Broadfoot rekindled my belief that fans' passion isn't a mug's passion.
  11. Players Out Of Contract In The Summer

    There will 100% be at least two Bournemouth players earning less than around £7,000 per-week.
  12. Seb Faure

    I'll never understand how a professional footballer can have weight problems, like him.
  13. Players Out Of Contract In The Summer

    I should add, as someone said, I might age gotten Ricky Foster mixed-up with Nicky Clark as the one ignoring Mohsni's fight along with Law. I'm sure a video on YouTube or Willie Vass' website will confirm who, but someone waltzed casually along with Law.
  14. Players Out Of Contract In The Summer

    Three people quoted me and I've decided I don't have enough time to discuss with all three, so I'm going to ignore you. Starting a response with "fuck off" and suggesting I cried suggests to me that you're not worth wasting time on.
  15. Welcome To Rangers Maciej Gostomski

    I imagine Kelly will be sent out on loan for some first team experience and this Polish boy will be back-up for Foderingham. Bell will be en route out and rightly so. I liked Bell, but that goal he conceded at Fir Park was unforgivable. That wasn't the ball slipping through gloves or a fumble, that was like watching a orthopaedic shoe wearing, special needs case trying to play volleyball. Hands down, the worst thing I've ever seen a goalkeeper do. It's amazing the number of Polish goalkeepers who come to Scotland.