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  1. The tunnel vision is "pretty usettling", he says. @THE_MIGHTY_BEARS in talking absolute and utter shite shocker.
  2. I'll bet you play computer games religiously, don't you?
  3. Realistically, second has to be our target this season. Our budget and general expectation as a club can be absolutely nothing less. Having said that, based on the season thus far, I'm not confident that we can achieve that. Let's be honest; our season has been a bit of a disaster so far, less than three months since #goingfor55 was being touted. Our marquee signing, Barton, was suspended after just a handful of mediocre league games and six weeks later, he's still on the payroll despite spending his time signing copies of his book. Our next big attraction, Kranjcar, has looked significantly off the pace; starting with being sent for a hotdog for Hamilton's goal at Ibrox, including an appalling 45 minute cameo at Parkhead and from what I understand, ending with a season-threatening knee injury. Senderos topped-off an abysmal debut with a shocking sending-off, Clint Hill has been out-paced by Kris Boyd, Rossiter has accumulated around 90 minutes of football in five months, Crooks has accumulated a shakey ten minutes, Joe Garner is £1.8M of anger and ankle wrestling while, to put Dodoo into perspective, he's older than Celtic,s Dembelé. We've dropped points at home to Kilmarnock and Ross County, lost late on at Pittodrie, been humiliated at Parkhead in the biggest Old Firm loss in 16 years and at the weekend, lost a late goal that secured Celtic a place in the Cup final. It is a difficult time to be a Bear, I'll be honest.
  4. It wasn't the best atmosphere I've been a part of at Hampden, but we were absolutely louder than them. The display looked the part, but the choice of words on the banner along the bottom was a bit too cheesy for me.
  5. I repeat, you're not well. It is absolutely no coincidence that there's been queue of people lining-up to disgaree with or criticise you in this topic; you are laughable. Look at the nick of you, spending your Saturday afternoons screenshotting my posts, one that's ripping you for being an illiterate nugget. Well said.
  6. OP has some record. 31 in 1.
  7. Likewise, I don't mean to come across as a doom-and-gloom merchant, but I wholeheartedly agree that this season has been a disaster. I wish Niko a speedy recovery and hope that it isn't as serious as media outlets are reporting, but regardless, I didn't want him anywhere near that pitch on Sunday. I still have nightmares about his 45 minutes at Parkhead.
  8. We couldn't afford the wages of an unproven entity coming from the Kenyan league? I'm sorry, but I very much doubt that. I don't remember being linked to him and when he joined them, we were in the SPL, rendering salary even less of an issue. I wouldn't recognise him if he walked past me on Argyle Street, but let's not pretend that we wouldn't do back-flips to have someone associated with the transfer fees he has apparently generated them. Wanyama, van Dijk, Forster; there are three a tarrier I work with said he was responsible for recruiting (He also said he was involved in Hibs' youth academy and overseen the development of Thomson, Whittaker, Brown, etc.). That's around £25M in transfer fees for a fraction of the outlay. I wish we were generating that sort of money. He'll end up down south, based on his CV.
  9. Who was at fault for the 2004 Asia Pacific tsunami? Andy Halliday. Why is Harvey Price registered disabled? Andy Halliday. Who pumped @THE_MIGHTY_BEARS's missus' lights in? Andy Halliday.
  10. I simply said Andy Halliday's name and you're getting all hysterical.
  11. Why did ISIS have a stronghold over Raqqa? Halliday. Why is pet insurance inflation through the roof? Halliday. Why do Emirates only provide free food for connecting flights of four hours or more? Halliday.
  12. Asbergers; sufferers of this condition have been known to state the obvious during conversation.
  13. That sentence doesn't require a question mark; it's a statement, not a question.
  14. We'll read about you one day...
  15. Why do you keep telling me/us what you're doing? Why do you insistnt on filling your responses with commentary of your previous posts? Are you Autistic? Do you suffer from Aspergers? Or, are you simply fucking retarded? I said the word 'hysterics' I simply pointed out I simply pointed out that he played I simply pointed out that Andy Halliday I've beaten you I said Andy played in the last Old Firm I simply mentioned he played Those are from one single page on this forum; they're your comments. That's not normal. You're not well, as I said. You've got issues. Then, you scatter accusations of hysteria around your posts and when your ridiculous footballing opinion laced with asbergers is ignored, you re-quote and ask if I've ran away? Fucking hell, your unhealthy obsession with Andy Halliday is the least of your worries. Seek help.