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  1. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    You could be right, maybe I've misunderstood. However, they did spend £8M on a wee, black winger who's barely even 20 and plays irregularly. The transfer fees themselves aren't as much the issue as the salaries. Dorrans will be earning around £30,000 per-month, I assume, and as big a bluenose as he is, his agent, partner and brain wouldn't allow him to take a significant wage cut. Warburton unearths gems, anyway. I rate Dorrans, but I don't think Warburton would break the bank for him. I can't see wee Frank McParland rushing into Murray Park like, "Mark, I've found a gem; his name is Graham Dorrans".
  2. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    I wish. The sad reality is that Sky Sports News were referring to Leicester's squad being built for £150M and they managed to finish higher than Man City, Man United and Chelsea's £350M+ squads. Our squad was built for a few million, at most. Scottish football is lightyears behind the English game
  3. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    I honestly don't know what to say to you. I'm struggling for words. I'm not disputing that Foderingham has had some howlers, but to compare it to Bell is incredibly unfair. Foderingham's worst in a meaningless game at Easter Road came three days after he had played a significant part in us winning the Old Firm game and a week after he has assisted us in securing our return to the SPL. Add to that, the Perrofac Cup. Bell's came at Fir Park in what can only have been described at the time as a hugely important fixture. I think you've had enough internet for today. Log-off.
  4. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    I'm as disappointed as the next Bear with this result and our recent form, but in most polite manner, some people need to fuck right off. Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or did someone above suggest that Lee Robinson was a better goalkeeper than Wes Foderingham? Foderingham could have scored two own goals with his own throw today; the game was so meaningless, I couldn't have cared less. I'll tell you when I cared; when he ever so slightly tipped Griffiths' free-kick onto the bar with the tip of his index finger in the last minute of the semi-final at Hampden. Or when Scott Brown stepped up to take his penalty. Come the 21st of May, the cream will rise to the top as it always does when it matters. Yes, I was gutted to lose to Livingston, drop points at home to Alloa and again this afternoon, but the reality is that we did and the fact are that it doesn't matter. We've became lax and as much as we like to believe that you can afford that as a Rangers player, we also never thought that people like Naismith and Davis, wee bluenoses who grew-up to be Ibrox idols, would fuck us over, but hey hoe, as I said, that's reality. Big Wes has saved a lot of you sore necks this season by sticking to Warburton's instructions and distributing the ball to feet as opposed to punting it up the park. For a young man who's gone from playing in the lower leagues of England to 50,000 fans, I'd say he's handled the anxiety shown by half of Ibrox when he's closed down quiet well. We are the fucking people.
  5. Waghorn Sneaking Away At HT

    Outstanding stuff.
  6. Worst Football Songs

    Bill Struth would be turning in his grave if he heard us singing "Champions, again, ole, ole" or "Glasgow Rangers Champions" after winning this league at the second attempt. We are a British institution and should not be fucking buzzing at winning a second flight title, especially and particularly after last season, regardless of who we had in the dugout or pitch. I remember going to Parkhead and belting out "Glasgow Rangers Champions" with absolute passion and it felt good. That meant something, this doesn't. It did for Hearts, but not for us. We're Rangers. I cringe whenever I hear Man United fans singing that song to the tune of "nick, nack, paddy, whack". "You'll Never Walk Alone" was used by FilmFour for it's British movies advert. That tells you all you need to know about it.
  7. I love his organisation. You just know that, at the end of the night, Warbs has his pants and socks lined-up beside his outfit for the following day.
  8. 10-Nil against Livingston, St. Mirren or Hivs?

    The way in which sides pack-out their defence against us, there is absolutely no chance of that happening.
  9. Keech Jackson in talking shite shocker

    "Keech Jackson" Nothing will ever top "Gordon Strap-On" or "Paul Dumbert", absolutely nothing.
  10. *****RM POTY Nominees

    Thanks, mate. You've made my day.
  11. Jason Cummings

    Oh, here we go. We're talking about a 20 year-old boy who, three years ago, was a gardener and now, with just two full seasons in the Hibs first teams, has registered stats in the region of 40 goals in 80 games. That includes five or six against us, all of which have been excellent goals. A few have even been exceptional whilst the closest one to a tap-in, his little dink over Foderingham for their first in the 4-2 game, was the act of a veteran. Ibrox was a sell-out and the Sky cameras were in town, but when that ball landed at his feet as Foderingham lunged and Kiernan slid, Cummings was the calmest man in the stadium. This country is that backwards when it comes to football, most will recall the moment he chipped his penalty over the bar against Dundee United on Saturday. "Arogant wee shite" and what not. Never mind the fact that he then stepped up, 20 years-old and having already done that, to slot away the winning penalty in the shoot-out. That arrogance and bottle, mixed with his existing ability and incredible potential; Warburton would have a field day with him. Posted missing? One; he's 20 years-old and two; he's scored four goals this month, for fuck's sake.
  12. Jason Cummings

    Those who look at Jason Cummings and see little more than an arrogant little boy are the absolute perfect example of people who don't "get" football. I would bite the hand clean off Hibs for Jason Cummings.
  13. No guard of honour

    Fuck them. Guard of honour or not, our support will leave absolutely no uncertainty about who the champions are. To be honest with you, I've always felt like having to perform a guard of honour for another side is motivating. When we have Hearts one last season, I felt like it gave us the motivation to go on and win that game.
  14. John fleck

    John Fleck, like Davis, Lafferty, McGregor, etc., can fuck off. It's an example of the vast differences in opinion on here, when some people are upset that what they deem a non-Rangers topic is in the Bears' Den, but others are happy to welcome back players like John Fleck, someone who shat on our club, never mind our forum.
  15. Snuck into Hampden

    That story has made my morning. Good on you, mate. I'm delighted that you got in... and done so in style. Well done. What a day for it, too.