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  1. Who said anything about it being regular? I said "on another day", so for you to go to the extreme of fully disagreeing is quite incredible. If you genuinely believe that there was absolutely zero chance that we could have put three or four past them yesterday, on a good day, then this discussion should end here.
  2. No, you don't. Clear-cut chances occur in an ideal world, like our equaliser, but they're not required to score. Halliday had an effort saved in the first-half and Barton put one just over the bar in the second; those are two opportunities which came to the top of my head without giving it any thought. I'm sure the statistics will emphasise that we were dominant.
  3. I'm disappointed, but not concerned. Of course, we would have loved to start the campaign with three points and I felt we dominated the game enough to do that, but these things happen. Hamilton were well organised, but on another day, we would have put three or four past them. I'm sceptical about the #goingfor55 campaign that has gathered momentum. Tin hat on, but the tarriers are favourites for the title and understandably so. We are usually a media savvy club (See Kenny Miller's response to Brown during Friday's press conference), but shouting about winning the league at the first attempt and dedicating the entire Govan stand to it before dropping points at home to Hamilton, it doesn't look great. Player-wise, Barton and Kranjcar need to step it up a notch. I'm not suggesting they think it, but this isn't a retirement home; every game against us is our opponent's cup final, so you need to be on top of your game every single week. Kranjcar dived in for their goal and it was totally unnecessary; it was lazy, the boy barely even dummied the shot. I'm reluctantly inclined to criticise McKay's work rate, too. If you lose the ball, you chase it back.
  4. We should be out-selling them, regardless of how big their stadium is.
  5. Every time I've sat in the club deck, the atmosphere has been poor. As a result, with the great view, it feels like you're watching the game on TV. I'm not a fan and can understand why it's unpopular. Who has sold more season tickets, us or the Tims?
  6. This, completely. The period of 2008 - 2011 was a tremendous period for me, but what followed was horror. I fucking despise them, but McGregor, Whittaker, Davis, Naismith, etc. knew how to win trophies. Suddenly, cunts like Andy Little were heroes. We've come out of the other end and it seems we're in good hands, but I don't care what anyone else says, these past four seasons hurt us more than any suggestion that we were missed. Never forget what this left-wing shitehole of a country (Footballing terms, to an extent) did to us. We've been a laughing stock and it has not be self-inflicted. I'm going to need one of those self-help courses to get over what we've been through. I will never get over the fact that the history books will show Scott Brown to have captained Celtic to five-in-a-row.
  7. I was at that game. Templeton picked-up his first injury with us that day and the rest is history. What a grim, grim period that was for our fine club.
  8. Does anyone have a link I can watch this on?
  9. I'm not saying that we can only attract under-performing, mid-league floaters (At the time of their arrival, Waghorn and Tavernier fell into this category), but Robin van Persie is a household name. There are Arabs willing to throw cash like its sand at him and Russian tycoons willing to secure his great, great, great grandchildren's grandchildren future just to have his name on the back of their club's shirt. Vlad Weiss will inevitably, I think, return to Ibrox one day. Not until he's milked his tax free salary from the Middle East, though. He would be stupid not to; we can't compete and never will for as long as Ibrox lies on North Britain soil. Average players can earn incredible fortunes abroad, never mind big names. Scottish football doesn't have that. Scottish football is a car crash. Scotland is a car crash, both in a sporting sense and politically, but that's another debate. Neither Barton nor Kranjcar are van Persie. Barton made an incredibly bold carrier move in coming here and Kranjcar probably sacked his agent for ending up in the second flight of the USA. I'm excited to see which striker we bring in, but it won't be a household name. That, I guarantee.
  10. Robin van Persie. Fucking hell, I might be putting my tremendous reputation on the line here through mocking, but are people fucking high? Are certain people oblivious to the money floating around the world's elite leagues? I'm not even talking about England, Spain or Italy; I'm talking about Netherlands, Russia and Turkey, for example, never mind the USA and the Middle East. Nike will pay footballers £5K per-game for wearing their boots in most countries, never mind the unbelievable salaries, bonuses, allowances, etc. We are the world's most successful club, but operate in a third world footballing country. That's why we're signing unspectacular (almost) nobodies - a term I use non-offensively - for peanuts.
  11. I would take this with a massive pinch of salt. There is zero substance in that article. Regardless, perhaps they have rejected an initial proposal. It happens; I understand Barrie McKay knocked-back our first offer before accepting the second. Rejecting a contract offer doesn't mean they want out, it's simply the art of negotiation. What makes me additionally sceptical is Waghorn's liking of the article on Twitter. From my angle, he's being ironic as I don't believe he's stupid enough to like it for the wrong reasons. On a side note, some of the reactions in here are embarrassing. Grown men sniping 14 goals and 20 assists Tavernier and "average" Waghorn.You are the fans that journalists live for.
  12. I'm still waiting for Warburton's assessment of the Scottish Cup final. After what we were subject to for the last four or five games of the league campaign, we were due a performance and what we were given, on the national stage, was an embarrassment. That Motherwell side we're facing is absolute shite. I know Motherwell fans and as they have done for the past 50 years, they've lost anyone of any value this close season. We MUST batter them. Not only to set the bar upon our return, but revenge for that horrible play-off final last season.
  13. Nice touch, but staged.
  14. I'm sure there's more to it, such as coaching opportunities and personal ties, but it's still sad. I thought he complemented our more aesthetically pleasing players such as Ferguson, Davis and Mendes very well. He carried out a simple job, but he did it well. I was gutted when we sold him, sorry, Lloyd's Bank sold him to Middlesborough. His goal against Celtic was outstanding, the one-two with Darcheville, the run, the finish, Boruc had no chance. It sickens me that Scott Brown, his best mate, will go down in history as having cost twice as much, lead them to however many titles and won a large amount of Scotland caps whilst injuries have ravaged Thomson's career.
  15. I watched his press conference last night and was impressed. He's very well spoken and honest.