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  1. He's fucking embarrassing himself and by default association, us. If we were playing well and he was scoring goals, he would be right up my street. He isn't playing well, though, and neither are we, so diving around the pitch looking for a fight is becoming irritating. He fucking loves pretending to be stamped on.
  2. "Get *insert absolutely fucking anything* to fuck!" ^ I love those comments. Imagine that was your only input.
  3. Was that when McCoist patched us? This is worse; we're being exported to the top fligh, the big return, and we're making an arse of it.
  4. Cheers, mate. I'm trying.
  5. I'm scunnered. Absolutely scunnered. I'm not into my thirties yet, but even I'm sickened by bluenoses going "oh, but we had X amount of possession and X amount of opportunities, plus two and-a-half penalties that we weren't given". Pish, shite excuses. Within two days, the performance will be forgotten. Until we hammer them, the above will be completely forgotten. The same applies to the Tims; it always has. What a grim time to be a Bear.
  6. Shite. Blame the referee, that'll make Monday morning easier.
  7. Excuses are creeping in. Don't let them.
  8. No, but it isn't as simple as "they beat us, we beat them".
  9. Or I'll break your collarbone.
  10. Stop being naive.
  11. I'm in line with this. It's the reality of the situation. I expected Dembele and Sinclair to be our biggest threats before that game and my concerns were justified. Add Griffiths to that and it's even more challenging. On the other hand, being honest, a draw at home to Ross County and a second-half demolition of a part-time team on Tuesday don't reassure me. Halliday and Holt, if fit, must start. That's essential.
  12. Everyone knows that the heart of a good football club is it's holding company. Educate yourselves, for fuck's sake.
  13. Aye, that's the one. I remember Foster taking a throw-in in front of us and everyone singing "Ricky Foster, Champion, oooh, oooh, oooh!" He was buzzing, you could tell. He done alright for us when he was on loan the season before. His second spell, fucking woeful.
  14. I remember Naismith done his cruciate up there. I think it was in 2011. He went in late on their midfielder and hurt himself in the process, but got up. I remember the boy in front of me saying "he's done his cruciate", but he got up and his mate told him he was talking shite. The boy replied that you can do your cruiciate badly, but still walk. Not for long, though. A few minutes later and Naismith was down again, then stretchered off. I was gutted for him at the time because he was in a right good run of form, but looking back, I'm not so sympathetic.
  15. Going to Pittodrie many times, but never actually setting foot in Aberdeen; I went on the supporters' bus and they parked inside a gated area behind our end of Pittodrie, then the buses left sharp with a small police escort and traffic lights switched-off for a quick getaway.