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  1. Dumb guy question but is that not the position he was wanting/wants Zungu for? That cld be the midfielder folk are wanting him to sign?
  2. you know more than me - thanks for the detail. I thought there were questions around their bankruptcy, but obv not.
  3. This. Also "Tomket" is how a Russian would think "Tomcat" is spelled in English. Between the two clues this looks like an Eastern European tire manufacturer wanting exposure in North America/elsewhere relatively cheaply. As others have said, money in to the club...EDITED TO ADD - sure enough, they are Czech (OK, not Russian) and also have the same deal with Fiorentina, another club that got shafted by their association and sent to the bottom of their league system, and is now on the way back up in style. So good company, and (probably) a decent deal all round...
  4. Gulf Islands loyal mate. By the sounds of things you are downtown? I will be rising at the same hour, brother, eating the same pre-match meal and saluting HM prior to kick off. Do you ever go to the RSC at the Three Brits for games? PS I lost it during the Legia Game when Bufalo scored but the wife and boy were out of the house 😌
  5. I am 7000 miles away ATM but try The Salutation Arms in Pittenweem. The name says it all. Say hello to my home villages for me.
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