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  1. They both suit different types of games
  2. The irony in all of this is Duffy shouldn't have been playing and he cost them the goal
  3. For his first OF he did well, compare him to big Duffer who came on
  4. Balogun was getting slated on here before KO and he was immense
  5. They can have their diamond all they want; at some point they’ll have to defend and there is nothing to suggest they can do that at all this season
  6. Every opportunity id be whipping balls into the box today - Morelos will have a field day imo
  7. No Arfield or Jack really is a blow for this game but we should have enough
  8. needed a gift to break Hamilton B team down - they are truly back
  9. Lemon currently 45 mins away from being sacked - very worrying for us imo
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