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  1. Absolutely. The term Rangers Class befits him.
  2. Slit throat gesture was class 💙
  3. I genuinely had doubts about his appointment. Eating every word gladly
  4. Frustrating the day. Held it for far too long
  5. Mate a swear we are psychic. Told raymo at halftime when we realised we won I was gonna send you money for a pint 😂
  6. I can confirm the message has been relayed. He probably still is on here anyway but I wouldn't want to point any fingers at anyone @greenockraver
  7. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    👍 You should get some pro clubs on the go with the other xboxers on here
  8. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    What platform you on
  9. Bet365 doesnt have him listed for a bet on scoring wtf
  10. Again if this is Alfredo there would be fucking uproar. He would be chastised by the media.
  11. The linesman as well who should be looking across that area doesnt react either. The standard in general and the way we are officiated compared to other teams is disgusting.
  12. Disagree. Not 1 headstand between the lot of them.
  13. I dont think the ref was reacting to it if we scored or not. Not a word from the commentators. Ally mentioned it at halftime but not much was made of it by anyone else. Flip that round if it's one of our players doing that. Sutton would have been foaming at the mouth demanding a penalty and the wee gimp in the bt control room would've been spamming the bt ref penalty button.
  14. OP was slagging him in match thread 😂
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