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  1. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Sending fifa 19 to another rm user with a wee update
  2. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Who's selling standard one cheapest for ps4
  3. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Naw fuck I canny I'll be in Prague I'll order it online and it'll be home for me to play Sunday when back. I'll suggest she visits her maw Sunday
  4. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Sound I'll go to tesco friday then
  5. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Whens this out?
  6. Bumping this. Surely more want involved.
  7. This team would have better them a few weeks ago
  8. This is getting out of hand. Shame for the young lad to lose his life but at this rate we'll be clapping the entire match soon and it loses any real sense of sentiment.
  9. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    I'll be getting it and even at 50 quid I'll get my money's worth Last year was the first time I played clubs so from that aspect was almost like a brand new game for me.
  10. I'll be back with my precision crossing and woeful shooting
  11. Definitely try get some more involved next year
  12. @born a blue nose sings fields of athenry at karaoke
  13. I was right to pick him as the whipping boy.
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