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  1. That Jeff gray guy on that Facebook page is saying it he's usually a decent source
  2. Appreciate this but definitely want it via an official source 😂
  3. Rangers pages so don't think so. But anyone can start a rumour
  4. Rumours of motherwell covid tests no being back and game being off btw. No reputable sources yet. Twitter and Facebook Shoot me if this is pish
  5. I said to the slo on twitter that sending codes out would be a shambles a week or so ago. No faith in Rangers ever doing anything seamlessly.
  6. For tonights match Apparently logging in to normal rtv isn't gonna work for you.
  7. https://rangerspayments.streamamg.com/account/register/step1
  8. Ignore him mate this whole scenario seems to complicated for his bigotry infested brain.
  9. Dan Deacon


    No the seller will log your mygers number when you buy. They are moving to digital sales of these going forward so they can sell when season starts. When logging into rtv to view the match you'll be prompted to buy a ticket.
  10. Dan Deacon


    Apparently you'll get points for buying rising stars tickets as well.
  11. Op sticks fish suppers up his farter
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