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  1. A few mongos? Ive never known so many absolute retards at a game for a long time... One boy, in his early 20s, was going mental at absolutely anything and everything, at one point I actually turned round and asked him if he was ok. The 10-15min spell before half time was like some sort of retard twilight zone around me, never seen/heard the likes of it.
  2. Still on 2 here as well! Ive always wondered if the friends and family thing impacts it? I have 3 others down on the friends and family section so we always get 4 tickets if we get one from the club?
  3. Genk changed manager since they signed him and him a few others fell out of favour. Looks like good timing from us!
  4. It probably says more about the options to replace him than how good/bad Kent is playing!
  5. Del

    CB Pairing

    Agreed! He is a very promising defender but for someone so tall he gets caught under the ball far too often, is out of position a lot and with the ball he is very poor. A lot of people highlight the mistake that sent Cosgrove through but its more than that and heis part of the problem we have at the minute. Rather than play a pass into the midfield its too safe as hes worried about giving the ball away. Compare Katic passes against Aberdeen with the likes of Helander against Porto or Motherwell at home, him stepping from back and pinging the ball into the attackers feet gets us going, Katic forces us to play 2-3-4 passes when 1 would have done the same job.
  6. Del

    CB Pairing

    Ball watching??? I sat in GF3 last night and could hear McGregor shouting that he was coming for the ball, in fact if you watch the replay of the goal you can clearly see the GK screaming for the defenders to leave it. How anyone can watch that goal and be critical of a particular defender is beyond me!
  7. Hamburg as a city is amazing! Most people go on stag dos there and spend most of their time in the Reeperbahn and miss 90% of the city. We go over a couple of times a year for the football and my advice would be not to stay at the Reeperbahn, stay near central station and then get the train/taxi in and out. The Tankstelle is an experience, especially as a Rangers fan on match day, I havent been to a derby yet but most recently we had to get a police escort from their pub to the train station, St Pauli werent even playing but just to protect us from St Pauli fan (who run the Reeperbahn). We have met a lot of good friends over the years and they all go into the main city centre for food and a few drinks then go to the Reeperbahn around 10-11pm when everything else is starting to close, as others have said, it can be very rough at times but its like anywhere if you go and behave yourself you will be fine.
  8. There was a story going round about a year ago that him and Candeias were pumping a couple of lassies from Hamilton/EK. No idea if it was true or not but maybe his missus has seen something and looked into it?
  9. Or that Arfields form all season had been awful and he was knackered from the Gold Cup? The only comparison he has to guys like Ejaria and Zelalem is an exotic name and similar build, Airbo played almost 100 games for Charlton in League 1 which is full of hammer throwers and idiots looking to end careers. The guy has proven hes up for a fight and got his head smashed against Livingston for not being shy of the physical side, although if that is the case, you just to look at Barasic...there wasnt a bigger shite bag on the pitch than him now hes squaring up to them. I think Aribo has been really good outwide, the last few games aside, but he is still adapting to it.
  10. In relation to the Hearts game 100% he wasnt directly responsible for their goals in the way that others were but he got caught out a lot in the 45mins he did play, which is why with the booking, he couldnt be relied on to stay on the pitch and not get sent off!
  11. Did we not owe Stranrar at pumping at Ibrox, a team our colts beat comfortably... Did we not owe St Mirren a pumping at Ibrox? What about Hearts, did we not owe them a pumping after we dropped points they earlier in the season? But aye, we will have enough to beat Ross County and to pump Aberdeen, just because!
  12. Sell him and play Flanagan in his natural position they said, he is much better defensively and will stop us conceding daft goals...never mind the attacking side, they said, hes a defender, he should be defending first not out of position up the field, his passing and crossing are terrible anyway they said... Hes also never a captain, give it to Davis, Jack, McGregor or Goldson, they are all a better captain than him! They will drive us and get the players going more than Tav ever could they said... 2 weeks and 3 matches is what it took to prove all the nonsense being spouted for months wrong!
  13. Has this been pulled from a quote or something? I always thought/suspected he was playing there because he is better than anyone else we have in that position!
  14. I am sorry mate, whilst your post in general is a good one, the very fact that this was your thought (and many others) is a huge part of the problem. Why is the game against them peoples first though? Why does every OF game need to be the marker? We need to stop getting ahead of ourselves, we have Ross County on Wednesday who sit higher than St Mirren in the league and who kept Hearts comfortably at bay last week, we will do well to beat them if we play like we have in the previous 3 games!
  15. Del


    I think he would have been if not for Jack feeling his knee! The worrying thing is though that this is now the 2nd/3rd game in a row that our entire midfield has been very poor.
  16. Del


    He was today but in general he has been fantastic for us all season. We were poor all over the park today and the lack of depth we have is worrying.
  17. I wish I had seen this post before I typed mine, would have saved me a job! I dont even think he is up to it defensively, as you and others have said, St Mirren only attacked a few times/if at all, but he didnt look comfortable and got caught out 2-3 times and ended up fouling folk. Hearts played out a 0-0 draw last night at Ross County without getting a shot on target, they will obviously turn it up a gear for us, but I think we would be better playing a more attacking minded player, if that is the young boy then so be it, over Flanagan.
  18. Im picking out an obvious flaw in his performance/ability as we rely heavily on quality balls in from the full back positions. Tav might not put a good ball in every time but he also the highest number of crosses attempted and cross completion % in the entire SPFL the last 2 season, so it must be pretty good! Never mind after 5mins, you knew before kick off exactly what they would try and do, their manager and our manager said as much, that would "park 2 buses" but I dont agree that they didnt care about our fullbacks, they had 2 men on Barasic and Kent everytime they got the ball on the left. As for Gerrard changing it, what should he have changed? It might not have been pretty but we dominated the ball, mostly in their half and had 17 shots at goal (5 on target), aye we gave the ball away a lot and let attacks break down by being too sloppy but I dont see what else we could have done to change the game? For me the right back position is the only worry we have, maybe you could look at some players current form, but the full back position is the focus because as I have said before on here, attacking down the right side, playing out on the right side, is our foundation and go to method of attack. And without Tav or a player in a similar mould to him we are toothless on that right hand side. You could hear the St Mirren players shouting at each other to tuck in and follow Aribo and leave Flanno, which made it even more difficult for us, there is no way they would have done that with Tav/another attacking minded FB there.
  19. Steady performance? Against a team who hardly attacked us for the entire 90mins he committed multiple fouls, got caught wrong side defensively on a number of occasions and we were as well being a man short going forward with him a RB. I counted at least 6 attempted crosses that either didnt get off the floor or floated aimlessly over Defoe and co's heads. We badly miss Tav, or even another fullback of a similar style to him, it will be a miracle if Flanno doesnt cost us these next couple of weeks.
  20. A brilliant tradition that the club didnt really do enough to promote until recent years in my opinion! Best one has to be against Aberdeen though, on the big screens, the sheep shaggers see the Rangers directors doing there part...start cheering sarcastically, "what the fucking hell is that"...camera pans round and theres the Aberdeen directors and wee Craig Brown all toasting the queen and taking a drink, they were fuming, it was fucking hilarious!
  21. Maybe in relation to some of the players and their thoughts on the manager but the circumstances at Barca now are entirely different to when Tata was hired. Plus he had never managed in Europe before where as Setien has already won a lot of plaudits in La Liga with Las Palmas and Betis. It might not work but from the outside it seems he ticks all the boxes! And as for 4th choice, they offered it to Poch and Koeman until the end of the season, which is why they refused it and Xavi has an agreement with one of the presidential candidates that he will go when/if he wins in 2021.
  22. Hate Barca but anyone who watched Spanish Football knows what this guy is about. He is like a carbon copy of what a Barca manager should be and guys like Pique, Busquets, Messi all love him and have commented on how his teams are set up and play. He will be an ideal fit.
  23. Good! We should never have signed him in the first place. According to most hes a RB but in 100 senior appearances hes played RB 26 times...makes sense that!
  24. Which 3 players do we have?
  25. The bottom line of my reply was, "I am not suggesting that we put the young kid there and I dare say Flanno will do a job on Friday and but if Tav has had to have his appendix removed he will be missing for at least 6-8 weeks (best case) and I would fancy either playing against the likes of Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, or Bragam who we face almost a month to the day!" 2nd part should be "wouldn't fancy" not would fancy.
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