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  1. 😂😂 Depressing reading. I was worse on Facebook tbf, offering Tim's on there a square go as well. Don't take defeat well I don't think.
  2. Nah mate I was bang out. Not on here to fight folk but I took everything to heart and I don't intend to come across as a prick.
  3. Was out of order on many occasion last night and I'll apologise to anyone I offended. Was pished and raging after being at the game but it's no excuse for having a go at other Rangers fans. Back the gaffer.
  4. He is both a big game player and not a big game player at the same time. Doesn't have the mentality for it, but his overall play is tremendous.
  5. I was pished, angry and frustrated by yesterday. Doesn't make me wrong though. Maybe slightly OTT at times on reflection..
  6. If I was polsters bird I'd be fisting fuck out of myself right now
  7. Keyboard warrior. Away to bed auld man
  8. Yep everyone else is entitled to be wrong, you're right.
  9. I did support the team, I'm allowed to slate afterwards. He was shite and isn't a captain in a million years. Next.
  10. Nah wee man, just able to see beyond the shite and hyperbole. We were atrocious when it mattered today. No cutting edge and no clinical finishing.
  11. Regardless of the offside goal, do you think wed have got it over the line? I couldn't have seen us scoring into injury or extra time. We don't have that steel about us.
  12. Again, it was a hint of sarcasm, you'll learn it when you get to third year wee man
  13. But we didn't win. We can't get it over the line when it matters.
  14. Well it was blatant sarcasm, obvious for those with half a brain. Wasn't intending for someone like yourself to see it however.
  15. Dominated them, restricted them to 1 shot on target against our 15 and... They still won. Means fuck all, and foll acting like that's some sort of achievement are the ones wanting Murty and Warburton back. If we reversed the result and attempts and won I'd be fucking buzzing Who gives a fuck about chances and possession and offside goals? Naecunt.
  16. Just like those taking Gerrard don't, it's working off of opinions, kind of like the reasons forums were intended. Bore off.
  17. Haha, you're next for a leathering ya nonce.
  18. I know it as a fact just like people taking him at face value know it for a fact.
  19. Ok. I'll accept nothing but a league and Scottish cup double this season, enjoy accepting obscurity.
  20. They were anonymous, as they always are. Only when they got their breaks they started singing.
  21. Suits what happened during the game and takes the flak off of Tav.
  22. Put my money out there and went to the game hoping for a Rangers win. Sung my heart out and supported the team during the game, even Tav. After the game when the dust has settled I air my issues. Not shiting it, but it's clear there's deficiencies. Well scrape the odd result against the tarriers but we won't be out dominant selves again with Tav and Goldson leading us, well be mired in mediocrity.
  23. Scoreline was 1-0. When was the last time we confidently beat them mate? Can't rely on Morelos to score v them. Sad as it makes me it's true. Goldson and Tav are supposed to be captain and vice and they couldn't Marshall a group of Jehovah's Witnesses.
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